Welcome to the Family

A man and a woman were driving down a dark road arguing about something.

“We must get rid of it and as far away from us as we can,” the man said. The woman turn and looked at the back of the car.

“How much longer I think it’s waking up?” the woman said. The man suddenly turned into an alley.

“This should be good enough,” he said. The man then got out of the car and went to the back and opened the trunk to reveal a little girl that was tied up and made to where she couldn’t see or speak. Her body had cuts a bruises all over. The man grabbed her and pulled her out of the car.

“After it is gone, they will have no evidence about what we did,” he said. The man with the girl in his arms, he walk down the alley and left the broken and battered girl inside a dumpster. Finally done with his work, checked to see if anybody was around to see what he did, not seeing anybody he got in the car.

“Nobody around… we’re good,” the man said before starting up the engine and pulling out of the alley.


A womanly figure was walking down the street when she heard a noise coming from one of the alleyways, so the figure when to investigate. In the alleyway that the noise was coming from, there was nothing but a dumpster. The figure went up to the dumpster and opened it to just to see a little brown haired girl that was tied up, beaten and cut up. The figure pick up the girl and untied her.

“Now… who would do this?” the woman figure asked. The little girl looked up at her and noticed her face was really pale almost white. She had black hair, her eyes were a warm blue color. She wore a blue dress shirt and a black suit with a top hat and she walked with a cane. The little girl now noticing the hand in her face.

“Come on… let’s get out of here, deal?” the woman figure said with worry in her voice. The little girl grabbed her hand.

“Yes… please,” the girl said. The hand of the woman started to glow.

“Then we have a deal,” the woman said.


The pain was worse than anything she ever felt before, not even her wounds hurt that much. The girl passed out due to the pain. The womanly figure picked up the little girl and walked down the street. As she was walking, she came upon a clothes store and broke in to get the little girl some clothes, but all she could find were mens clothes. So she pick out and outfit, she put her in the oversized red jacket and a pair of jeans. The little girl woke up as she was being carried thru the woods.

“Oh you’re awake,” the woman figure said, “that’s good, you’re not in pain, are you?”

The girl looked up at her, “ no… it’s all gone,” the girl said looking at her hand seeing a scar the was some weird symbol. “Wh-what going on?”

The woman stop. She looked down at the little girl, “I’m taking you to a safe place,” the woman said. The woman continued walking until she came upon a house and walked in. “Welcome to the family,” the woman said.

  • Anthony

    The story was full of misspells, grammar errors, and felt like it was missing a chunk of story.
    I hope to see improved work from this author, they have potential!

  • KillerF999

    No definitive starting. The ending isn’t satisfying which is fine by me but nothing is described about the family, the woman, why the girl would be kidnapped. Also, there arr multiple grammar errors, do not use short forms, ‘Thru’ instead of ‘through’. You got potential for a good story, just find it.

  • HEX

    At no time did this come close to making sense..

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    Is that it? I mean it was full of errors, is their another part? Maybe get someone to proof read it first js