My family and I just got home from a week of vacation.My father parked the car right in front of our house because our garage burnt down two weeks ago because of an unknown cause.I,Elrenn went straight to take out all of our luggage and put it in the house.My older sis,Nicole helped me to bring me and my brother,Helen’s stuff to our room while I bring my parent’s stuff to their room.

As we all were super tired,we all decided to go to sleep early today.I jumped right on my bed and looked at the ceiling.Then I suddenly felt a slight pain on my head.I dismissed it,maybe because I was too tired,then I went to sleep.My sleep was interrupted by a loud bang coming from our bathroom,as I heard nothing else,I decided to just close my eyes and go back to sleep.

As I was trying to sleep,I felt this strong urge to go and look what is in the bathroom.I tried to fight it,but in the end,I end up standing and walking to check what’s in the bathroom.As I went out of my room,it feels weird because it takes so much time to reach there,as what I remembered,the bathroom just need few steps from my room to reach it.As I stood in front of the closed bathroom door,I was actually shaking a bit but I forced myself to open the door.

Just when I touched the doorknob,I heard a soft sobbing sound,all of the hair on my body start to stand out of fear.My hand is shaking as I slowly twisted the doorknob.As the door opened,I was so shock to see that no one was there.Just when I’m abiut to turn back,I suddenly realized that there was something on the mirror.I went to take a look.I was shocked,there’s a palm made out of blood and there is a simple phrase written…

“Cry all you want”.

That’s not just it,I can’t even see my own reflection on the mirror.”This gotta be a dream!!”I said as I decided to slap my face as hard as I could because I though I would be awake on my bed and everything will be fine.But instead of waking up,I was there,standing with the pain on my cheek.I was really shock that this was not a dream.I ran as fast as I could to my room,jump on my bed and cover myself with the blanket.Suddenly I felt something touching me.”H-hey bro,are okay?Sup with all the running,jumping and shaking stuff huh??”As he stopped talking I realize that my body was vibrating like crazy.I took a slight look at the direction of the voice.

I was so relieved that it was Helen.I told him nothing and told him to go back to sleep.”I’m okay Helen,thanks for your worry.Go back to sleep kay?”I give him a warm smile as I was trying to hid my fear.He then put his head on his pillow and slowly went back to sleep.Same goes for me,I tried super hard and finally go to sleep.I woke up in the next morning,completely fresh.I saw that it was already 10 in the morning.”Damn,just how long did I slept?”I ask myself.

I went downstair,seeing my father sitting on his usual cusion watching television while my mother and Nic doing some house chores.I saw Helen playing outside with our family dog.As my mother saw me,she says”Oh look the sleepy beauty just woke up”with a sarcastic tone”Breakfast was on the table,we were waiting for you as you was still sleeping,your sister was going to wake you up,but Helen said that something happened to you so we just let you rest more..”

“Thanks mom”I said,trying to ignore her words about last night as I walk towards the table and eat my breakfast.

“So,what’s actually happened to you last night Ren?”my father asked.

“…nothing serious.”I took few seconds of silence before answering.

“If something was not right,just tell us okay Ren?Trust your family a lil bit more okay?”my father said.

“I always trusted you guys,dad..”
I said.
Just after I finished my final word,I heard Helen screamed loudly from the backyard.I ran to see what happened,so do my other family members.”Oh my lord!”my mother screamed.I looked at the cause of that scream,Helen’s right hand was bitten until it was shred,blood are piercing out like a fountain,Helen was crying and sometimes he let out a terrible screech.I go get him and asked him”Dear lord,Helen what the hell happened?”I asked.”T-tommy,he..he suddenly bite me rapidly!!”he screams.

I looked around to see where’s the dog.I was so shocked to see a total gruesome scene.The dog was dead,his stomach was wide open,his jaw was teared apart,his eyeballs were mashed and his tail was cutted into small pieces of meat.This time both my mother and Nic screamed simultaneously.”Hey Helen,what is actually happening here?There is no way a dog could go on a rampage all of the sudden and killed himself.”I asked.

A few second later was filled with silence.”There was a guy,I don’t really think it’s a human,he was so tall..Almost 15 feet tall,he is all black,and there was a fearful grin on his face.”Helen said”Is there anything that GUY said?”Nic asked.Helen said that the creature just said”Cry all you want” all the time.After hearing that I felt a slightly stronger pain on my head.My right eye twitched a few times and I feel a weird urge.I let it be and dismissed it.The phrase was just the exact same as what I saw on the mirror last night.Could it be the same culprit?

We brought Helen to the hospital,thank god it only took 10 minutes for us to reach there.Helen needed a surgery,the result was really unfortunate,Helen had lost his right hand.Helen had nothing on his face but a gloomy sad face.
His emotion doesn’t change for a few weeks.Until that day,that horrible day.Helen was dead.
The doctor said that he died in a very weird way.His body have been turned inside-out.All his limbs were smashed,his head and skull was crushed,his stomach was letting out every single things it contain.And there was a message written on his chest”Cry all you want”.Just after I read that phrase,I felt the pain on my head again,this time it was really strong that my eyes were letting out tears and twiching wildly.

I got this urge to find the culprit and KILL him.No matter where or what the culprit is I will find and execute him.Few weeks had passed since Helen’s death.My family has moved on bit by bit from the first day of Helen’s death.

School started today,after I finished my breakfast,I went to the bustop and waited for the schoolbus as I and Helen once always did.The pain was back again,it was really strong this time that my eyes turn red and letting out so much tears.But somehow it does not hurt,it’s just itchy,my eyes are twitching like crazy again.As the bus arrived,I boarded it and walkes to my usual place which was in the back of the bus.As I was walking,I can heard people whispering”Woah look at this dude his eyes and hand are twitching like crazy..”

“Yeah I know right,maybe he’s crazy”the words was then followed by a silence laugh.I just ignored them.I reached school.Everyone was saying the same thing.

“Is he crazy?”
“Hell man,he’s twitching like hell!”
“My god he’s scary”
“Get off me insane moron”
“Are even okay you weird jerk?”

At that time,I only thought that this is what I got for not making any friends at school.All the friends I once had was only Helen,no one else except him.Then i heard one soft voice.

“Hey,Elrenn,is it??”she asked

“Uh,yeah,who the hell are you?”

“Woah you’re harsh,”she giggles
“I’m Rose,Rose El Voruski,nice to meet you Elrenn.”

“…Nice to meet you too,Rose”

Since then we bacame friend,so close that I never imagine.Three month later,she was my only friend at school.We sometimes met each other outside to do homework and sometimes just hang out.One day,I went to school but she was not there.It was lunch break and I saw everyone running towards rooftop.Then I heard…

“Hey you,dude with messy black hair in dark red hoodie!!”

That description was hell exactly like me.I turn around.”You are Elrenn James Hazard??”he asked

“Yes I am”I answered
“You got to follow me,NOW”

I got to say nothing as he grabbed my hand and led me to the rooftop.As I was there,I saw Rose standing there in the middle of the crowd with something.It’s body was full black,super tall,and that..That fearful smile.That creature was holding both Rose’s head and neck.Rose keep repeating my name.

“ROSE!!”I screamed as I sprinted towards her,the crowd was slowing me down but I tried to put lot of strength to both of my leg and body.As I passed the crowd I felt a strong force making me fall on my knees.


As I let out that powerful scream,I saw the creature tearing Rose’s head from it’s body,making her lifeless body fall in the bloodbath.Everyone was screaming.My head was now aching like crazy,almost felt like it would explode any moment,tears running out from my eyes to my cheek,all of my body twitching rapidly.As I felt like my soul was leaving my body,my vision was getting blurred and the last thing I saw was the creature eating Rose’s head.

I woke up with a slight pain on my head.I was in the school clinic.I went outside,everything’s normal,I wonder why.And so I ask this random student..

“Hey,mind if I ask?”I said
“Uh,no”she said
“Did anything happened on the rooftop earlier?”I ask,wanting to make sure that everything was just a dream.

“Yes there is someth-”

She stopped as she saw tears running on my cheeks.

“I know that the girl means a lot to you right?The way you try to save her,it was really brave and heroic.”she said trying to make me feel better

“…yeah,thanks.”I said.

The teacher let me go back early as for what had happened.As I reached to my house’s front door,there was something written there


As I finished the phrase I punch the door so strong that my fist leaves a hole there.As I entered my house I smelt something really unpleasant.As I was searching for the source of the smell,I can see that I was stepping on blood.I walked,walked and walked until I reached the dining room.Both my parent and my sis was there,the thing is,they all were headless.As I get myself closer to the table,I almost puke because of the scene.Their heads was on a plate infront of them,the big plate was filled with their kidneys,the salad was made of hair,eyeballs and some blood.As I stood there,I then heard…


I turned around and saw the creature was holding a teddybear,I burst out of anger and grabbed the closest knife to me and rushed towards it,I felt the same force that forcing me fall on my knees before but this time it didn’t work,I can see it’s smile was slowly fading as if it was shocked.This is it,my revenge time has come.I putted almost every strength I have on my hand and tried to penetrate the knife in his heart as it was there without protection or any flesh on it.Just a few inch before the knife reach it’s heart,I felt a sharp pain in my stomach as his claw bulked inside me and stirring it until everything turned into small pieces of meat.

He then say…

“Why fight me naive human,when you can join me??” it says as it’s smile widen.

I felt my soul living me,everything went dark and then I felt like my body was really soft,light and strong.It takes me a few second to realize that I was now a TEDDYBEAR.It’s not just that,I was hugged by my previous body which now seemed more like shadow-ish human.I also realized that I can control both of my body.I used my human body to throw me at the creature’s chest.

“How could this happen?How could you still got your mind there?You should have just be my PUPPET human!!”the creature screamed.

That was the last thing he said as I used by knife-like-claw to cut his heart into two and I smashed it.I saw it’s smile turned into something that needed mercy.I saw it’s dead body turned into ashes and faded in the air.For the first time,I felt really happy,the feeling of satisfication.Then I felt a powerful pain on my head and there’s a tear pattern under my bear’s eye.Now I feel like I can’t stop killing people because everytime I don’t kill,the pain on my head become stronger.The first time this happen I felt really forced to,but now I’m Just ENJOYYING it.Everytime people see me they will always scream


That will always be their last sentence before I slit their throat open.


Hey friend,
Am I crazy?
You know,people always call me crazy
And now they can’t say that because I have shut their mouth
Heheh..It’s good to tell you the story..
I guess everyone is a lil insane inside right?

Alright kid,”CRY ALL YOU WANT”

-Forgive me for any grammar and spelling mistakes.-

  • Insane_Chick

    Loved the story and yeah im noy just “a lil” crazy im full blown insane 😆

    • kukinumi

      Hahaha,thanks! 😉

      • Insane_chick

        No problem i really did love this story!! 👌

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  • Simon

    Sure, I’ll forgive your horrible grammar and numerous mistakes if you insist. That won’t make your story any less terrible though.

    • kukinumi

      I’m not insisting dude,it’s just that I had a super bad grammar and that’s why I’m sorry,btw thanks for reading! 🙂