Veronica – Part 1

Hi, my name is Veronica. I’m not a human. I’m a vampire. I’m 1,800 years old, in human years I’m 18. Weird, right? I go to a human high school, I’m a Junior at North Sand Mountain. It’s a good size school k-12.

Let me tell you how I became a vampire.

I was fifteen years old, I was walking home from my friend’s house until I came across this old man. He was laying on the sidewalk, bleeding. I ask the man if he was okay, he mumbled something but I couldn’t quite make it out. I got closer to his mouth so I can try to make out what he was saying. I heard him opening his mouth but he didn’t say anything instead he bit me on my neck. I screamed out in pain and took off running. I thought I was away from him until I ran right into him, falling back right on my b**t. I look straight up at him, it was so dark out I couldn’t see his face instead all I seen was those blue eyes.

Tomorrow is my 1,900th birthday. Yay. My aunt wants to throw me a party and invite all my “friends”. I really don’t have any friends, I’m just a gothic teenage girl. I keep trying to tell her I just want to be by myself but she’s not gonna allow it. So tomorrow she’s taking me out to go shopping. So not a fan. S**t, I said to myself, the bell rings for the last class. I’m late again. I quickly run to the science lab and took my seat in class. Luckily the teacher wasn’t in here yet. I let my head down for a moment, until I heard the popular girls talking about me. I raised my head and looked over at them and hiss at them. They just looked at me and called me a freak. Yes, I am a freak. A vampire. Our teacher finally walks in and started class. I get a phone call during class, it was the police. I excused myself from the class and answered it. It was my aunt, she passed away… I ran to the office explaining to them I need to leave and see my aunt at the hospital. But as soon as I got there cops were already there picking me up to see her.

I was riding in the back seat of a private investigator’s car. It was comfy. We got to the hospital and they told me what floor she was on. I went up to the floor she was on. I was scared to see her honestly. I walked in her room. Her lifeless body lays there in the bed. I walked up to her body held her hand and started crying. Once I looked up her face I noticed something about her neck. I seen bite marks. Anger filled my body and I stormed out of the room. I didn’t know where to go nor what I was running to.

I got to a bus stop and waited for the bus to come. I rode it tell I got to my stop. I walked home silently. It was do quiet. It didn’t feel right. I got to my house and walked into my house. I walked into the kitchen where there was a birthday cake and a present laid out for me. I looked at it and began to cry. I sat in front of door as I cried. I heard knocking on the door. I quickly wiped my tears once I opened the door my eyes widen with fear it was…

To be continued…

  • Shroomgrl

    1800’s? Sidewalks? Do a little back search if you’re going to go that far back in history. Concrete was nowhere really, To be seen or heard of yet. With that being said its a good story, alot of potential!! I really enjoy reading the younger generations ideas of “creepy” its so different from what we(the older generation)grew up with. Keep it up you have so much potential. If you are in your 50’s?? Umm…….nevermind. Just keep writing you have what it takes just a little more digging into what you’re writing about, I know it sounds like work or school. It will be worth it in the end. Great job!