UwU The Beginning

~Author Notes~

Many people see me as an icon… an icon that represents cuteness. Necessarily I don’t believe in me being cute. Mainly for the reason being me hating myself. But that’s okay, no harm done or at least that is what others think.

I mean, it’s nice to know that people actually notice why I made this character UwU but they got the wrong intentions and then i wanted to have an easy way to explain why this character UwU existed in the first place. So I found this website seeing some fan based creepypasta’s which was great. Then I decided to make a profile then the website gave me the option to make my own things and then I got multiple idea’s and come to find out most of my profiles on social media goes by the name of UwU so I then put ideas together and there you go my own creepypasta character from scratch. Now let’s get to the story shall we.

~Chapter 1~

Hello, I’m UwU well that’s the name I go by. I have recently moved to my hometown and shady about it though it’s very dangerous many druggies live around here in this town. I have noticed how bad the lives of people my age are and it’s just terrible but then again at least I don’t use my sob story as an attention attraction. I hate those type of people. I hate a lot of attention but, I’m one of those people that don’t like to “bite off more than they can chew.” Living a life as someone who uses suicide remarks to get attention is not a life that anyone really doesn’t want to live. It hurts to not be able to be trusted or if every word that came out of your mouth everyone else thought it was a lie. Anyway I don’t feel like giving lectures. Today was the first day of school and it was interesting I didn’t expect anyone to even talk or even look at me but, sure enough some people decided to talk to me and even become friends with me but i think it’s mainly because I just happened to be there. I always question myself and wonder what am I going to be in my future and to be honest I don’t know yet… But it doesn’t seem to bright. Anyway after school was a nice peaceful bus ride home none of my friends that I made where on the bus but that’s okay. I wanted to be alone anyway’s I was tired and irritated.

~Chapter 2~

I’m now home tired from school and irritated from people. I usually never hate anyone unless they give me a reason. Even so the reason for me being mean should be a good one but, I’m just too tired to deal with it. It’s difficult to sometimes understand a person’s intentions I’m one of those people that can figure out what your intentions are when I even look at you. I then walk into the kitchen to get a cup of water, my mom then asked, “How was your first day at school?” I then replied, “Good but it seemed like any other day in school.” She said back, “Well at least it was good.” Then she gave me a hug and I hugged her back.

I’m glad she didn’t ask anything more from me about school it was okay but it could have been way better though. I mean I made a few friends but didn’t talk much. But it’s quite difficult to hold all my feelings in almost constantly it’s almost as bad as holding your breath in to long underwater either a vein bursts inside my head causing internal bleeding and I die or, I drown to death. The point being it’s not good for me but I do it anyway because I really don’t want to be hateful all the time.

~Chapter 3~

It’s night time and at the end of my day so I lay down in my bed quietly in the darkness. It feels different though it’s as if something was standing over me watching me closely. I open my eyes and see nothing there but I feel like it is still watching me. I then lay down shaking from the cold chill that creeped up my spine. I then close my eyes and feel its presence again it touched my shoulder rubbing its long fingers around it feeling my soft skin. I lie there not moving scared of what was touching me I then turn over slowly as a tall figure with a smile that reached all the way to ear to ear. It was close to my face scanning me with its eyes as black as velvet going up and down then it grabbed my neck and snapped it and my vision went black.

Well I guess I’m dead you must think it’s tragic it’s not… Why do you care now I’m dead it happened… IT’S DONE!

~Chapter 4~

This driving me insane I’m here alone. I wish someone could help me but no one can it’s to late. I then shiver feeling cold then I open my eyes and see I’m laying down on a cold metal table naked I rose up and hopped off the table onto the floor as my bare feet slap the cold ground. I then saw a clothes bin and grabbed my clothes and took a backpack and put another pair of clothes in. I then sneaked out the back door into the street. I looked around as a few cars past by I knew I was back into the real world I didn’t like it cause now there is people walking around me some scolding some gangsters talking bad about me I keep walking and ignore them. Then one of the gangsters walked up to me and asked, “What you doin’ in my street boy!?” I stop as his friends surround me and they close in on me then one shot me in the chest and I didn’t move then I grabbed the thugs throat and ripped it out and ripped him apart as blood covered me as I ripped him apart and ate him alive as his screams and cries pleased my thirst. The others ran away screaming, “IT’S A DEMON KID RUN!” I then eat his heart and lick the blood from my hands and fingers and laugh insanely. I then get up and walk through the street covered in blood people looking at me and avoiding my path. I laugh and giggle insanely as I walk down the street.

~Chapter 5~

As I walk down the street, licking the blood off my black hoodie, it began to rain. I wasn’t too sure about where I should go for shelter. As I walk down the street I see an abandoned warehouse I then ran in quickly. Dripping wet from the rain, I decided to take my hoodie, off which was covered and stained with blood, and hang it on a metal hangover. I then asked myself, “How did I do that, what made me do that, am I even human anymore?” I looked up to the ceiling as I wonder what happened, hearing the pitter patter of rain outside of the warehouse.

I then took my wet shirt off and laid on some mattresses that I’m guessing were to be sold or something like that. I’m not too sure but I really don’t care. It was comfortable and hearing the peaceful drops of rain hit the ground outside of the entrance of the warehouse. I decided to close my eyes. But then I heard a rustling around some crates behind me. I looked immediately in that direction. This time, ready to kill anything hostile toward me. I rolled over quickly and hid from a figure that was roaming around. I knew it was human but I wasn’t quite sure. I crouched on the other side of the mattresses, being more quiet than any human could ever be. The figure then walked up to my clothes and touched them then looked around wondering what was here. I swiftly shifted toward the figure then snuck behind it, putting my knife against the figures throat, causing it to squeal like a small girl. I proceeded to bring the person into the light so I could make out who it was and it turned out to be one of my friends. I let her go turning her around toward me then stepping into the shadows so that she can’t see my face, she asked rubbing her throat, “Who is that?!” I then reply writing, “Hello, I’m UwU”. She looked at it with a confused expression and looked up at me. The women replied with, “Do I know you?” I wrote on the paper quickly writing, “Maybe you do…” She grabbed my face and pulled me into the light as the dim light revealed half of my face to her. I look at here as a tear of blood runs down my cheek and drips onto the floor.
I say sadly, “I’m so sorry….” She hugged me closely and said with a shaky voice, “I thought you had….died… It made me upset.” I replied, “But you just met me the other day at school?” She replied, “Well I am friends with you.” I replied with a shrug and looked down at my shoes sadly. I admitted to her telling her what I did earlier, I expected her to hate me for it but she didn’t. She said that it was self-defence but it was a little overboard which was fine for basically being surrounded by about ten thugs. She was worried for me but I just couldn’t understand why I mean I’m a friend but we only knew each other for a few hours at school, that’s the last thing to really worry about, what I should be worrying about the thugs gang deciding to kill me on the spot if they recognize me.

~Chapter 6~
I tell her that she should go so she didn’t get shot if the gang members decide to kill her, or use her to get to me. I sometimes hate having people close to me mainly because it’s a weakness, it makes you take hard decisions.
This is only the beginning of this, the beginning of me UwU.

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    I hope this is a Trollpasta…

    • UwU

      It isn’t

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        Oh sweet Jesus

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  • Angel

    I have two comments on the structure of the story, the grammar is confusing and hard to follow, and the plot is so spaced out it is hard to understand what is really going on. You do have a good start of a story. It just needs some work.

    • UwU

      Then it will be deleted, and never seen again…