Uninvited Guests

So uhhh… I don’t know how to do this, but I’d like to tell a story about strange occurrences that happened at my aunt’s sister’s house. So Friday, we arrive at about half four to an incredibly tall but slim building. The house my aunt was staying in. While unloading the car, my little sister saw a round man through the top floor window looking down at us. As you can probably tell, about half of this is from my sister’s prospective.

We enter the kitchen with food and drinks after tea. My little sister (hold on, we need names: little sister Chloe, my older little sister Daisy, my little brother George, and me James) Chloe suggest we play hide and seek. Everyone agrees, so we can check out the house (another tangent I still don’t know why Chloe suggested this, you know, after she called him Peter like the rat from Harry potter) I take to living room with Daisy behind the curtain, George hides under the chair. Chloe gave us thirty seconds to hide and she comes to find us. George was found first then we hear a scream and we go running. Daisy claims she saw Peter look out of the washing room which connects to the basement and in classic horror style. My aunt says, “Don’t worry, nobody is down there. As proof, let’s go and see.”

In my head, I was asking why we where doing this and I told my sister who described in detail what Peter looked like and to reassure her I said it’s because of all the Harry potter she had been watching. So we go down there and there is a bed, an exercise bike, and a heater. My aunt give her an I-told-you-so look and we head upstairs. Nothing happened for the rest of the day.

Saturday (today is when it all goes down) Chloe starts screaming at the ‘tall man’ (I know another one, but this may lead to another story. She actually saw this two years later looking at George while he slept before darting out the window). I calm her down and she gets shouted at because it was half six in the morning. We then have breakfast and spent the day indoors as it was chucking it down. So this part creeps me out; As I experienced the same thing about twelve hours later, Chloe is sleeping on Daisy, and George is with my mum and aunt, I was being the not-so-little explorer. I had always dreamed of and was doing a full sweep of the house and came across a stuffed monkey on a rocking chair. But the odd things was, it wasn’t there in the morning.

Then Chloe starts screaming again and Daisy claimed that Chloe’s eyes shot open and started darting everywhere. She claimed that Peter and the tall man came through the door and walked to her. I realized it might have been a waking nightmare so I told her about what that was and she started to calm down until we heard footsteps upstairs (I should probably note that I was 13, Daisy was 12, Chloe was 8, and George was 7). I walked upstairs. Being the idiot I was, I took a fire poker (I know scary) and found the monkey on top of the curly stairs. I then darted down as a shadow figure materialised and I guessed this was the tall man. My guess was right. We go to bed and I know stupidly, I tell my sister to watch out for the monkey (brother of the year award goes to me) and I will protect you.

Sunday (the final six hours) I wake up unable to move and Peter and the tall man are advancing on me. I can’t move for thirty seconds and I realise this is probably sleep paralysis so I calm down emphasis on a bit but it still shook me, so I rush downstair and tell my mum. She just passed this off as the end of a dream. I went to go and get my phone on the way to the bathroom in my room, but stop at the door as the monkey is there. Nobody came up after I went down except for me and I gave up on the toilet as the only other one is on the top floor and I, not only can’t be bothered going up, but was also too scared. So I grabbed my phone and made for the stairs, but was stopped dead in my tracks by someone unknown humming in the room on my right.

So I go down the stairs as quietly as I can but the humming stopped and slow step were taken to the door. Ss the handle was twisted, I took my chance and darted for the living room. On arrival, I told the story and only Chloe believed me and then comes the part about the humming and my aunt said in her bravest voice; why don’t we check upstairs and on arrival, we found the door open and heard more footsteps coming from the top floor. We left the house then called the police and they found nothing so my aunt called her sister and told her what happened. So after all that, we went home. It is now safe to say me and Chloe will always ask if there is anyone else home before we enter. As for Daisy and George, they found it amazing. Thanks for listening to my rambles.