I Know Where They Go Missing

Ever heard of those people that go missing? Kidnapped? I’m sure you might’ve heard a few incidences of people going missing in your city… Wherever you are in the world.

Ever wonder why you dread so much to travel alone in the countryside? To be alone in general? I know the reason why… And I’ll tell you now… I’ve heard those tales myself and this is how they usually go… One of the recent ones went like this…

Dave was a teenager, well let’s call him Dave… average height, skinny… silent type but was a fighter when need be.

Dave didn’t seem fazed by the cold when he got out of his car. Walking slowly in the dark of the night, he started mumbling something to himself and noticing a couple of men off in the distance and a gray truck parked in the side. He began to approach them.

They noticed him too but continued talking amongst themselves… and dave felt weird but Dave was desperate to get some information and started talking to them…

“Hello? Do you know the route to the main city?”

With an air of hesitation in his breath… A jittery nervous voice…

They looked at Dave and they stared at him.. lean body, soft voice and closed up stature, he seemed rather cute. They suddenly grinned and asked, “What are you doing here boy?” To which Dave just stayed silent at first but with a little apprehension told them, “I drove past the interstate, I… seemed to have lost my way… know any place I could check in for the night maybe? I’m a bit tired to drive…” The man grinned and said, “Haha you can come in my friend! We would love to have you here! For the night..” Dave saw the look in his eyes. Seemed like a predator for some reason so Dave stayed silent. Creeping forward the man grabbed Dave by his skinny neck and jerked him closer, grinning. Dave not knowing what to make of this pushed the man, kicked him off and ran. As fast as his legs could take him… back towards his car… but much to his horror his keys weren’t with him anymore! He must’ve dropped them in the whole encounter! Those two men seemed happy now and smiled at him.

Dave kept running in hopes of finding a telephone booth or a gas station nearby where he could explain things to someone there and amongst the darkness he saw a light in the distance. It was a home, dimly lit home and he dashed for the light. Away from the road and into the dense area where he now felt the blinding darkness and eerie silence closing in around him. All except for the one light hidden in the distance. His only ray of hope at this time. Dave began to get exhausted as he was nearing in, hearing his own breath and heart beating in the silence… feeling that sweet cold feeling of sweat dripping down from his head. He was desperate…

He yelled for help when he was close and then a couple of eyes appeared to stare through the window through the blinds to see what the noise was, he was outside and very exhausted.

Dave heard the door open. Out came an elderly couple… they seemed worried for Dave, Dave gasping for breath…  yelled, “Help me please! I need to make a call, some guys just… Just tol… Stole my car keys… He tried to… T… Grab me…  I’m lost! I’m… Scared…”

The couple looked at each other and the old man told Dave, “Oh you’re just another one haha,” Dave looked confused. And the old man reassured him that things are fine and to come inside, the old man had a shotgun with him. Dave went inside. This house seemed warm and safe, Dave had a seat. Feeling his blood still pumping but he felt much relaxed in here than outside in the dark and he took a deep breath to calm his nerves, he felt safe in this house.

The old couple seemed friendly and offered him a glass of water. Dave remembered what the old man said earlier and asked him “What did you mean when you said I was just another one?”

The old man smiled and said, “Well you see those men are family. They’re actually my sons.”

Dave’s heart almost stopped with fright but then the old man said, “I disowned them because they started to do weird things. They used to torture our pets and hang them from nails outside.”

“They’d run away into the woods and I’d hear the screams of animals at times… but they didn’t stop at that. They moved on to human victims, they’d kidnap passers-by and do heaven knows what with those… it must be all those TV shows they watched as kids… I blame myself…”

“That’s horrible!” said Dave, “Why don’t you report them?”

And the old man said, “I’m the Sheriff here, I’m the only police around this barren place… My sons… They don’t bother me as much as they used to, I’ve tried to help the people that pass here… But there’s only so much I can control and I can’t kill my own sons can I? What makes you travel alone at this time?”

Dave sipping on that cold tasteless water… told them the truth, “I wanted to run away from home, I had an urge to leave and not look back, I’ve been treated so bad… Y-you have no idea… I just wanted to leave..”

The old man looked at Dave with an assuring smile… “You can stay here for the night. We have a nice little room upstairs and don’t worry about your car, we will Pick it up in the morning. Go… Upstairs…” Dave looked at his smiling wife who he just noticed was staring deep into his soul.

As he went upstairs he saw the old family portraits on the walls and wondered how those little kids grew up to be such monsters but Dave felt calm knowing the worst could’ve happened but didn’t.

He entered a dingy room which had a weird smell about it,  like a very strong human energy was in the room but Dave didn’t care too much about it. He was so exhausted and groggy that he almost passed out when he noticed the old lady looking at him and smiling..

…She closed the door and Dave closed his eyes…

Dave had vivid dreams that night of people with hollow eyes and disemboweled bodies… saying something to him. They looked terrified, like they were screaming. They screamed through the window but Dave didn’t open.. He didn’t let them in. He felt his legs disappear and sinking and drowning into this deep bowl of red nothingness and smoke..

‌Dave was startled out of sleep early next morning by giggling sounds coming from outside, he looked to see what it was and noticed a gray truck which was parked a little far off outside the house! Dave’s vision was still blurry as he rubbed his eyes… and Dave looked closer and saw one of them get back in the truck while the old man was going outside as well. He started talking to his ‘son’ apparently and Dave wondered. “What are they talking about? Maybe it’s my car?” Dave started feeling uneasy and wanted to get out of the room but noticed something that made his stomach turn and cringe with fright. There was something weird about the man. He was laughing hysterically while biting and licking his fingers now. They were speaking a different language.

Dave was now horrified and wanted to leave that place right away. His worst fears were confirmed and his survival instinct kicked in. He dashed for the door and to his horror it was locked shut. He kicked it and kicked it again with all his strength but it wouldn’t budge. He kicked it once more when he heard a sudden silence outside. Finally he gave a last hard kick near the hinges which broke open the old dingy door. He pulled it apart and dashed outside the room. He tried to find another way out of the house. He chose to escape through the attic. He was safer up on the roof he thought. He ran upstairs a dark stairway with more portraits but these were of some unknown people that had weird eyes and noses.

The attic door was half opened and Dave was frozen in horror as he went in and saw decorations made from human and animal bones. He saw sigils and writings on the walls, altars and portraits of headless bodies being crucified and those same people with oddly shaped eyes collecting the blood in vessels below. He was crying at that point and just wanted to go home. Then at the door he saw the old lady with a bat. She screamed and lunged towards him swinging the bat around, her scream was inhumane. Dave ducked and kicked the old lady’s knee which shattered it instantly. He then took a pointed object that looked like an iron crucifix… and stabbed her in the neck deep. She dropped the bat. Blood spurted out and all over his face. Her screams now sounding more distorted.

Dave heard footsteps climbing up fast. He saw the window of the attic open. He didn’t have a choice.. He jumped. He landed on his feet and rolled over but his ankle snapped sideways on impact but that didn’t stop him.. He hopped and tried to run even with his broken foot dangling loose. He didn’t go far. Dave chose to hide behind the truck and stab the old man and his two crazy sons when he got a chance. He saw them coming out and running towards the back of the house… but some part of him made him wanna run away. He was outmatched three against one with a broken ankle and he couldn’t go far, so he opened the truck’s rear doors ever so slowly and climbed his way in… but inside the stench was horrible to him. This truck was filled with decapitated human heads… They were pale and some had pus oozing out of their hollow eyes and noses, scraggly hair and bloody pale faces.

Dave almost fainted but closed the door and curled up into a ball hiding his face between his legs… at this point just wishing for this to end. He wanted to go back home back to his family that must be wondering where he is. He started to cry and just then He heard a knock on the door and a loud hysterical laugh outside… ” knock knock! We smell you! Come out come out! Hahahahahaaa!” It sent chills down his spine at first but Dave kicked the door open. He got out, limped and tried getting away from the truck. He tripped and fell as he was running but he was still running away. He looked back at the old man and he was pointing his shotgun at Dave and getting closer while his sons laughed and jumped in excitement.

The old man fired at Dave’s leg as he screamed in agony crying at the top of his voice for help. A vehicle sped by but didn’t stop to see what was happening. Dave fell on his knees… was bleeding out and crawling. Then the old man started biting and sucking at Dave’s legs, holding him in place. Dave yelled at the top of his voice and tried stabbing him but the bloody crucifix got knocked out of his hand by his sons. Laughing they pulled out a knife and started chanting a name as one started to cut into his throat and another held his head in place. Dave couldn’t scream anymore. He was gushing torrents of blood and his vision started getting hazy and sounds started getting fuzzy as he had another thirty seconds or so of consciousness left. He couldn’t feel pain anymore. But rolled his eyes up and looked at the old man carrying him by the hair and heading towards the truck. He smelled Dave and threw the head in. He looked into Dave’s eyes saying, “You were a difficult one! You’ll taste better.”

…The old man closed the door and Dave closed his eyes…

So this was the story of Dave. You see my friend there are things that are hidden from most mortal eyes. Things you aren’t meant to see. The shady side of the world that operates within a deep hidden circle that seeks to exploit and harvest you for their own satisfaction

Some of them get very hungry… but you aren’t supposed to see them. They speak your language, they look just like you but their noses and eyes still look different. You ever wonder why thousands of children go missing every year and where they go? Do you ever wonder why so many trucks pass through cities everyday and what they transport?

The worst part is you will never know for sure if they exist or not. Now I have told you and you know… but have no way to prove it. You will be seen as a plain lunatic… and be prepared to meet with a horrible fate if you do try! They’re watching you, controlling you. They’re within you and they will always harvest you. Be careful out there or you’d end up a nice meal. I know this my friend, I know where those people go missing 😉

Hmmm I’m getting hungry. I ordered food this morning! my kids are starving! They wanted Steaming Soup!

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    I love this Creepypasta! So interesting!