Author’s Note:

Horror story.

(Trigger warning: gore, death, mention of suicide).

Warning: not for the light-at-heart, this is really gory, and probably not appropriate for sane people.

Emerson High school. Two teen suicides, five teen deaths, and six disappearances. At the beginning of the school year, of 1999, a pair of twins were found dead in a science room. Wrists slit, arms burned, and a pool of crimson around them. At least, that’s the rumor.

It all started at the beginning of the school year. My friend found a creepy note in his locker, and that’s it. Just the note. The weird thing about it was that his locker hadn’t been opened sense last school year. After the note, he got paranoid. Jumping at the bell, not trusting anyone, and falling asleep in class only to yell out when a student tried to wake him up. About a week after he found the note, he was found in the locker. Yes, IN the locker. He was cut up in pieces and stuffed in the metal box. Blood dried around his mouth and a horrified expression frozen on his pale face.

The next week a girl named Megan found the same note in her math notebook. Same thing happened to her. She was found pinned to the wall by rulers, and pencils, and question 6 from the homework was written on the wall in Megan’s blood. The math room was closed for a week after that. You can still see the dark red stains if you look close enough.

This happened to the students three more times. Someone finds the same creepy note, then die a few days later.

Next, students started to disappear. No bodies, no blood, nothing. Six students were just gone.


It was October 29. Emerson High School was decorated with black and orange streamers showing off a Halloween spirit. Plastic pumpkins filled with candy was placed in the cafeteria, and students could pick from it throughout the day. My best friend, Sam went to grab a KitKat from a pink pumpkin. She came back pale, and looking scared. I asked her what’s wrong, she showed me a folded piece of paper, splattered in blood. The note. She was gonna die.

I couldn’t leave Sam’s side after that. I went to her locker with her, and sat next to her in class. We were walking to her locker after school, and the halls were deserted. As Sam entered her code, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, before I could look, I was shoved into the metal doors. I heard Sam scream as I was pushed again. My head slammed against the cold metal, causing a deep cut along my forehead. Blood stuck to the locker as I fell to the floor. I heard two synchronized laughs and Sam gurgling in the background.


I woke up to a loud scream. My eyes slowly opened and I sat up. My head screamed in protest. I looked around. We were still in the hallway. Blood drips down the lockers and my forehead, then I look at Sam. I couldn’t even recognize her. Her stomach was open and stuffed with candy like a piñata. Blood and chocolate fell from her mouth as she lay on the cold tile. The once blonde hair, was stained red. Her eyes were dull and lifeless, starring into space.

Next teachers and policemen ran into the hallway. Two doctors followed after, only to come to a stop when they saw us. When they snapped out of their shock, one ran over to me while another went to Sam. Why bother? I wanted to say. She’s already dead.

The doctor tried telling me it’s ok. That I’m safe now. But I’m not. I’m not going to be safe.


October 31, 2017

4:00 pm

It was Halloween. The school was still holding that stupid party, even after another student death. I heard they’re going to close the school if another student is found dead or missing. Finally, adults have no common sense anymore. The party was tonight, and it was the only thing everyone was talking about. It was like the death never happened. You’d think people would get more paranoid as more kids are found dead.

October 31, 2017

8:00 pm

The party starts in half an hour, and I’m already getting freaked out. Who knew a school can be so scary after hours? I walked to the bathroom down the dimly lit hallway. I swear I heard sounds, like a giggle and those laughs I heard when Sam was murdered. But it was all special effects, right?

I slowly pushed open the wood door to the girls bathroom and stepped inside. This is one of the only rooms you can actually see clearly in. I looked in the mirror, only to see something red taped on. As I got closer to it, I realized it was the note. My mind told me not to touch it, but my body moved on its own. My pale hands gripped the blood-splattered paper and pulled it off my reflection. Shakily, my finger opened the letter.

You can’t escape the fear

You can’t escape the dark

You can’t escape deaths twins

I threw the note down and stared at it horrified. The bathroom lights shattered over my head and I screamed.

A lone single light flicked on. I slowly stood up, and looked around. Written on the mirror in red was:

Can’t escape

Can’t escape

You can’t escape

All five of the sink faucets turned on. Four started to fill with blood as I watched, mesmerized, horrified, and shocked. The sink in the middle filled with water. Then I could move. It felt like someone was possessing me and making my body walk toward the sink filling with water. Then I could feel a cold hand grip the back of my throat. Three more hands joined and shoved my head into the water. I struggled against the invisible hands, and I was pulled back up.

I gasped for air as my eyes darted around. In the mirror I could see two ghostly figures holding the back of my neck and grinning insanely. They were a pair of twins. A boy and a girl. Their skin was paper white, only to be stained red at the wrists. Their hair was mangled and ratted. Both had red tears falling down their faces. That’s all I could see before they shoved my underwater again. I swallowed what felt like a gallon of water. I couldn’t breath, my life was slowly slipping away into the hands of my reaper. My struggling ceased, and the hands slowly left my neck. But I lay there, dead. The last bit of my life slipped away, and I could practically feel the homicidal grins the twins gave my body as the world went dark.

  • Marco Van Houten

    Great strory!!!👏👏

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I really liked it, but the warning is a little stupid. This is a site specifically for horror stories.

    • Sarita Tinsley King

      You’d be surprised how mild this site is for being horror based. I met someone whose stories were deemed TOO GORY and removed. Silly af right?