Trapark’s Death Island

The last time I seen my brother Sam I was 13, he was going on a trip for college to Germany. But as soon as we got home Mom got a call from him, he was shouting into the phone saying,” The plane ran out of fuel in mid air. I don’t think I’m coming home any time soon.” he started to cry, “Mom, Dad tell Arze I’m sorry that I won’t be making it. I love you.” As soon as I heard this I ran to my room and buried my head in my pillow and sobbed all night. I was so devastated that I didn’t even go to school the next day.

5 years later…

“Mom I’m going to meet up with Rebecca and Shawna.”

“Ok Arze, but make sure to be home by 9.”

I jogged over to the park which was a few miles away from home,and as I turned the corner to the park I ran into someone and fell right on my rear. When I looked up I saw the most handsome teen I have ever seen. He had stunning blue eyes, long brown hair, and he was about 6’5”. He put his hand out and asked, ”You alright?” His voice was soft as he spoke.

“Yeah I’m alright…” I said very shy like, “My name’s Arze, Arze White.”

“I’m Jeff, Jeff Shamrock.”

“Nice to meet you Jeff.”

Shawna and Reba came running over to see if I was alright.

“Arze you alright?” they both asked at the same time.

“Yeah I’ll be alright.”

Shawna and Reba looked at Jeff and started getting goo goo eyes for him.

“I’m sorry my name is Shawna Shenkman.”

“And I’m Rebecca Smith.”

“Nice to meet you my name is Jeff Shamrock.”

I looked at Jeff and asked him if he wanted to join us.

“I’d love to, where are you heading?”

“We are going to the park.” Shawna blurted out with excitement.

We hung out at the park and talked about life and what happened in our lives. I found out that Jeff is into Tomboys which I am one, and he has three sisters.I looked at my watch and seen what time it was and had to leave.

“Sorry my mom wants me home by nine. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

“Bye Arze see you tomorrow?” Jeff asked as I left.

“Sure,” I shouted back to him.

While I was jogging home I got a message on my phone. It was Sam. That’s very odd because he was dead, but I looked at the message anyway. It said: Need help… I am here with Sarah Shenkman… Not alone on Island… There are monsters… We used the survival kit from the plane… You need to come save us… bring some weapons… coordinates 14.5994° S… 28.6731° W… Call me…

I was shocked I started to run faster as I thought what just happened. Then I stopped, I pulled out my phone and typed: ‘Sam if this is you then send a photo.’ I got a reply real quick and for sure it was him only he looked like skinny version of zach galifianakis.  I put my phone away and ran the rest of the way. When I got home My dad was just pulling in the driveway. Ran to his truck and showed him my phone. He was as shocked as I was. We showed mom and she dropped to the floor in tears. After that I called his number put it on speaker phone.

“Hello… Arze..? Is that you?” Hearing his voice for the first time in 5 years a little awkward.

“Sam It’s really you!” I said with excitement and tears. Then I heard another voice.

“ Is Shawna there too?” It must have been Sarah.

“Sarah, Shawna isn’t here she is at the park. I am going to see her tomorrow I will tell her everything.”

“Oh thank you Arze.” Sarah said happily.

“Sam how did you survive?” I asked.

As soon as I asked that the signal cut out and he was gone.

“Dad we have to go get him.”

“Ok. We get Shawna and and her dad and go get them.”

I was so excited, but I knew I would have to wait till morning to tell Shawna. I wet up to my room and got ready for bed. After I got changed I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I looked in the mirror I looked at my shoulder and looked at the tattoo I have had for 5 years. It read out in cursive Sam’ name in memory of him. I thought for a minute and then said to myself, “What if he is dead when I get there?”

I went down the next morning and found dad packing his 22 rifle and my hatchet. When I first got my hatchet I was 12, and the person to give it to me was Sam. It was the last present I got from him, before he left and never came back.

My dad looked at me and said,”Text your friend Shawna’s dad to come to the park and to bring Shawna. So let’s get going.”

I shook my head ok and I headed for the truck. As soon as we got in we backed out of the driveway. We got to the park just 5 minutes before Shawna and her dad got here, but it was strange all four of the doors opened, and then I knew why. Jeff, and Rebecca came with them.

“Hay Shawna!” I shouted on my way over to her, “What is Reba, and Jeff doing here?”

“Agh they wanted to come and meet my sister and your brother on that island that they called from.”

“So what do you guys think of this?” I asked to Jeff and Reba.

“I think it is pretty cool that your siblings are still alive even though they have been missing for like five years.” Reba said a little anxious to go to the Island.

“I just met you and I just want to make sure my new friends don’t get killed.” Jeff said a little nervous.

My dad yelled for all of us to get in the vehicles. As soon as we left we went to my dad’s private helicopter. We seated in and we got ready for takeoff. My dad typed in the coordinate of the island and we were gone.

It has been an hour since we left land and Reba was trying to flirt with Jeff. Not even knowing that he texted me last night asking to be his girlfriend, and shawna was playing on her phone. So I decided to get on mine too. I looked through my games trying to find the right one for the trip. As soon as I found my favorite game RAFT I decided to check in on my progress.

My survivor’s name was Sam because I had a feeling he was still alive back when I downloaded it. The first thing I did was feed my survivor then fended off the shark and caught some fish. Then I just messed around with the shark for fifteen minutes then I just put my earbuds in and listened to my favorite song over and over again. Next thing I knew we were five minutes away from the Island. I glanced out the window and I seen Sam and Sarah on the beach making a helipad out of leafs the size of me. Sam looked up in awe and pointed at the helicopter and I looked at what he was looking at, then I saw it a giant flaming beast flying right behind us. Its face was as dry as bone, and in the shape of a hammerhead shark. The helicopter started to shake violently, Shawna and Reba blacked out, I got a little nauseous, Jeff, my dad,and Shawna’s dad grabbed us and jumped out of the copter. Next thing I see it crash on the beach. Luckily Sam and Sarah were out of harm’s way.

We hit the water hard.

As soon as we were on the beach we laid down on our backs to catch our breaths. I had to check my body for any red marks. Luckily there were none. As soon as everyone was on their feet Sam and Sarah were there.

“Dad! Arze! You guys came!” Sam shouted with excitement.

I ran to Sam and squeezed him tight. Then I said in a soft whisper, “I thought you were gone forever.”

Dad came and held me and Sam. Shawna and her dad, and her sister did the same.

“Dad, Arze, everyone we can’t leave until we kill that damn flying demon of a dragon.” Sam announced with a little anger in his voice.

“Once we do how are we going to get off this f*****g Island?” Dad questioned with some annoyance with the thought of his chopper being destroyed.

“Easy follow me.”

Sam led us to a hidden cave. We went inside and I seen the most foul looking plane ever. It looked as if it had been there for 20 years.

“We will be leaving in that, but we must kill Trapark first.” Sarah said with confidence.

“Trapark?” Shawna asked very confused.

“That’s what we named him.” Sam replied, “Welcome to Traparks Death Island!”

“What the f**k you named the Island too?” Jeff questioned.

“For one yes, and two who are you?” Sam asked.

I answered for him, “Sam this is my boyfriend Jeff, Jeff Shamrock.”

“Shamrock? That name sounds familiar.” Sam said.

“Sam, she was one of the student from college.” Sarah explained, “Jeff did you have a sister who was traveling to Germany five years ago?”

His reply was, ”Yes, her name was…”

“Annabelle.” Sarah interrupted.

“Yeah what happened to her? Where is she?” Jeff started to get worried.

“Jeff, She was one of the survivors until she was killed by Trapark two weeks ago. I am so sorry.” Sam said sadly.

Jeff fell to his knees, and started to sob softly. I sat down next to him to comfort him, then he stood up.

“I am go to f*****g kill that goddamn demon of a dragon,and if I don’t at least I will die trying.” Jeff shouted with emediet anger.

“Well then let’s go kick Trapark’s ugly a*s.” Sam shouted.

“Where do we find him?” Shawna asked.

“At the top of that damn mountain.” Sarah said.

“The road is dangerous. On the way there will be giant flaming lizards who will try to kill you. We call them the Deathzilla’s. Reason being is because they look like Godzilla.” Sam was explaining as we walked.

On our way we ran into one, but Sam killed it with pride. The next few we ran into my dad took them on with Sam.

As soon as we got to the top I finally saw Trapark for the first time. He was nothing but bone and flames. At the time we found him he was sleeping the same way dogs do. My dad decided to sneak up on him, but then he made a mistake and stepped on a bone that was on the edge of cracking. Trapark was alerted immediately, he looked up opened his mouth and blasted my dad to ash. I dropped to my knees in awe. I soon got a shot of adrenaline in my blood. I rose up and attacked with fury. I managed to get him in his left eye leaving a long scar. He then took his claws batted me away leaving me with a bloody mouth and a small cut on my right hip. Sam, and the rest of them immediately attacked slicing him all over. Next thing I know is that Sarah is laing next to me dead. Soon I was on my feet I see Shawna’s dad get swallowed whole, then I turned around and see 3 Deathzilla’s behind me looking bloodthirsty. I thought we were toast, but instead they were coming to overthrow Trapark. I then got back in the fight and with one final blow to his skull Trapark fell weak like a sick and wounded wolf. I felt for a puls and there was none. The Deathzilla’s started eating his flesh, they soon backed away and we seen why. His stomach started to move, then a blade came through slicing downwards, then Shawna’s dad and he wasn’t alone. Along with him was a girl.

“Annibell?” yelled with a tear in his eye.

“Jeff!” Annibell screamed as she ran to hug him, “You haven’t changed a bit.”

“But how did you survive?” Jeff said as he looked in his sister’s eyes.

“That doesn’t matter right now, I just want to get off this Island.”

“All right then let’s go!” Sam Exclaimed.

We quickly ran back to the cave and got in the rusty looking plane and left for home. No one wanted to talk about what just happened, so I grabbed out my phone to play my games, only to find the battery was dead.

As soon as we landed at my dad’s private landing strip we all parted ways. Shawna and her dad went and took Rebecca home. Me, Sam, Jeff, and Annabelle went to my and Sam’s home.

3 Years later.

“Mom! Sam! I’m home!”

“Hey Arze! So what did you tell them about the trip to Germany?” Sam asked.

“I told them that we better go by boat or I’m not going!” I said with a slight smirk.

Sam smiled with a little laugh,”That’s my sis.”

Then sam got a call…