They Eat You

Creatures who crawl in the dark actually don’t want to be seen. Creatures of the dark get mad when you see them look at you and a lot of the time they’ll eat you to make sure you don’t see them. Creatures usually don’t eat you they’ll tear you apart and leave you to rot as the animals of the night feast upon you. The creatures I’m talking about will eat you because they survive off humans, these creatures have no name because whoever sees them will surely die a terrible death as they eat you slowly.

These creatures make you feel fear in the night and make you uneasy in the early hours. Some people feel no fear during the night and this is because these creatures do not wish to feed upon these people. The creatures eat on your fear as well as your flesh, if your lucky they start feasting on your heart. No one makes it out alive, any weapon you use on them will be stuck in their body and become part of them but these creatures use no weapons on you just raw primal talents.

The creatures sometimes are inside of people and that’s why you get an uneasy feeling when you look in the mirror too long. Feeling uneasy is good you have to worry even get terrified when you look in the mirror and you feel nothing just staring at yourself. The creatures will not attack you if you don’t look at them, the hardest part is when you close your eyes and hear the noises you’ll want to open your eyes. If you open your eyes you will see a sight that terrify grown men and take out any courage or hope for survival.

You will feel empty inside of you and feel like you can’t move if you see one of the creatures. You will feel this because these creatures are the true animal on top of the food chain. Something in your body will send out every warning to run but as long as your eyes are closed these creatures will leave. These creatures are us and we are them, these creatures are not born but created out of fear, the very thing they feast on.

The only people who get turned into these creatures are people who are interested in them and much like a werewolf they will bite you then let the poison go into effect, after all everyone needs friends. I will warn you though I have only said this as a precaution to not take an interest in this but if you choose so then be my guest, I’m not here to judge. Know these creatures will come for you and they will track you down, no matter where you are. These creatures fly, swim, run, jump, and can read your thoughts. Most of these creatures look like us and to be honest we all have a small creature inside us but you can decide… become one, get eaten by one, or forget every word I’ve typed.

  • Hdhd

    This is scary

  • Jacqueline Williams

    Kind of all over the place. Ok, but not as good as some of the other stories.

  • Jed

    1/5 A cool concept can’t save this story from numerous grammatical errors and incoherency.

  • CastratedWalrus

    Great story! I love how you play on natural occurrences (fear at night, uncomfortable when looking in the mirror etc). It makes the story sound more real, great job!