They are Watching

The following is a journal entry of Inmate 432 of Mackville Insane Asylum:

They are watching, I know it. I feel They. I hear They. You may be wondering who is watching. “They” is their name, and They is dangerous.

My family thinks I’m insane. But I’m not, I’m not I promise. I know They is real. They has to be real. They’s eyes are peering into the back of my head. Stealing my soul, slowly, slowly. I am not insane. I promise.

The darkness is consuming me. I AM NOT INSANE, I PROMISE. They is the darkness, so many of them, so overwhelming.

But I will be strong, yes, strong. They cannot get me now. I am safe in this cell, though shrouded in darkness, safe.

Humankind forgets about They, but They remembers Humankind. They is mad, no, They is furious. Humankind has not paid They, no, no, They WILL make Humankind pay.

-Inmate 432

  • Jamie Cheshire

    This is amazingly eerie with the perfect ending to keep you wondering. Well done!