There is a Fog that Covers My Town at 1:00 AM

I was never a superstitious guy. I never believed in monsters, demons, or anything I could not prove with my eyes. But that all changed when me and my family moved to a small town.

There was nothing special about it. However, when I moved there, I did notice that everyone had hard locks on their windows and doors. When we moved in, five people came to see us and they were very nice to my family and I. They told us it was a nice neighborhood and how everyone was nice to each other. But, they said there is one rule: “Don’t go outside at 1:00 AM until 2:00 AM”. They said there is a fog that covers the town and any living thing found in it disappears.

At first, we did not believe it. They then they told us how seven people went missing in this town when the fog was out. They begged us to trust them. We said ok and then they asked us if we had any questions. I asked why they had heavy locks on every window and door. They all got quiet. One of them then said, “That’s another rule: don’t look outside during the fog. There have been people that have and they have not been the same. They either got scared of the outside world or never said a word again. Also sometimes committed suicide.” I said ok even though I did not believe them. I thought they might just be pulling a prank on me and mom and dad. They then left.

Two months went by and the fog did appear every day at 1:00 AM until 2:00 AM. But I did not believe things went missing. So one day, when I left school, I ask some friends I made if they would want to stay and see the fog. They all said no but I managed to get two of them to say yes. So, we all stayed outside and watched the fog. The fog was much thicker then I thought to the point I was not able to see anything within six feet from me. It was hard to see, but it was still fun.

Unfortunately, one of my friends, Jack was missing.

Me and my other friend, Damien, called out for him. “JACK!” Damien stated with dread that the fog took Jack. I said, “Don’t be dumb, this must be some prank he is pulling. It has to be.” But then we heard a weird sound. It sounded like someone laughing. I said, “JACK THIS IS NOT FUNNY!” but the laughing continued. I got very unsettled and kinda scared. It was bad enough Damien was going crazy. Then at that very moment my heart fell.

I saw jack he was hanging from a street pole dead.

I-it did not make any sense. How did he get there? Why is he dead?

Then I heard laughing, but it was right behind me. I will never forget this moment. A hand touched me and it was some kind of demon. The moment I saw it, I screamed and ran a way.