The Worshippers in My Town


I’m here to tell you about strange happenings in my town. I live in Latvia on the north side.

My first experience with everything I’m about to tell you was at school. I walked into class and heard my friends talking about something on the news. I don’t really watch the news so I was interested. They were talking about something that happened in our town. This was a surprise to me because nothing ever happens here.

So allegedly, while a police car was patrolling, they found a candle formation in the middle of the road. And eight robes. I walked up to them and asked, “Where exactly did this happen?” They told me where, and I realised that is close to my house.

I later talked to my best friend, Max. We decided to take our bikes and go investigate what has been happening, because we both are suckers for scary and paranormal stuff.

When night-time hit, we both eat and checked out the place where the candles were found. While we were approaching we noticed someone who’s in a robe. He’s walking alone. We both decide to go follow him. A while passes and the person walks into the woods so we still follow. The person walks until noticing a fire. He walks to it and there are five others waiting.

A while passes and two more appear. They talk in an unknown language. But then they did something that shocked me and Max they pull out a giant bag that kind of looks like a body bag. And with the help of two others pull out someone out of it.

“The person is dead or unconscious?” I whisper to Max. At that moment they started to make a candle formation around the body. When they are finished one of them pulls out a knife. Max is freaking out and telling me we should go and stop them. I reply saying that it’s eight against two and that we would die.

Suddenly Max jumps out and screams telling them that he’s gonna call the cops. They immediately start running towards him. And he runs into the direction of the road. I personally think it would be smarter if those cultists would run away, but whatever. I call the police and tell them the street which is right next to this place in the forest. They arrive and turns out on the way here they found Max running for his life and the guys running after him.

The body was just a unconscious boy and turned out to not even go to my school. But the guys in robes were some teens from a class higher than mine. And their parents were contacted. The next day on the news when asked why they did what they did, they replied with, “We did it so Slenderman would accept us into his mansion.” This was scary to me, but when I did some research I found that this wasn’t the first time some kids did this for Slenderman the fictional character from a game. I think this is a lesson. You can love creepypasta¬†but as long as its fiction not reality.

  • eliana

    Really hard to read but I give you 2 stars