The Weird Kid

When I was in my 8th grade, there was this girl who studied in the same class where I was. She don’t really talks much. All she does was to come and sit on the corner of the room.

She wasn’t a very bright student but something about this girl wasn’t quite right. Sometimes, I even caught her staring at me blankly. I thought she might wanna be friends with me.

One day, when my best friend took a sick leave, I felt lonely all of a sudden. That was the day I decided to talk to this girl. We both smiled at each other and began talking. Eventually, we both became great friends.

After few months. She tried to ignore me and one day she sat in the same corner where she sat before.
I wanted to talk to her and know what was going on between us. When I went near her, she looked at me and she fear of something.

“Go away, you’re not supposed to talk to me,” she said.

It was so mean. However, I tried to make a friendly conversation though.

“It’s alright. I just thought we were great friends. However, you are gonna be lonely again,” I said.

She looked left and right, then said in almost a whisper,”I am not lonely…” she paused for a moment and then said, “They follow me everywhere.”

These words almost gave me chills. But, I decided to ignore her and returned to my desk.

In the following years, I almost had a very bad time. I lost both my parents in a car accident. Then, me and my sister left to live with my aunt.

After few years, my aunt died of heart attack. After this, me and my sister went to an orphanage. When, I was 18, I left the orphanage for higher studies.

When I finally got job and afforded a fine apartment. I took my little sister with me. But, after a few days, my sister too died of unexplainable disease. It was all too sudden. I couldn’t bear that she wasn’t with me anymore.

One day, I got phone call from a hospital.

“Is this Katie?” they asked.

“Yes?” I replied.

“Katie, we have a girl here at the hospital who claims to be your relative. She wants to see you so badly,” they said.

“Relative? Who?” I asked.

“No time to explain, she is in critical stage,” they said.

So, I hurried to the hospital. When I reached her room, I saw her. And I can recognize her. She was that weird girl from my 8th grade.

“You?” I asked.

“Katie, I need to talk to you. If not now, you can never be saved,” she said.

“What is it?” I asked.

She signalled the nurse to go out and she said, “Katie, I was not a normal kid. From my childhood, I used to play with paranormal forces.”

“Pa… paranormal?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“One day, when I was playing, I accidentally involved you in something which I shouldn’t have done,” she said.

These words gave me creeps.

She continued, “It all started one fine evening, when we both got detention. I was playing with this girl named Megha, she was not a normal girl. She is a spirit. She always plays with me kindly and asks, ‘Who is your favourite person?’, and I would always answer it is her.

She was jealous that I could part from her,so she kept me away from talking to anybody.

I liked her. But, I kind of felt over-powered, suppressed. When, you came to talk to me, she was sitting next to me.

And when you asked me to be friends, she was standing right behind you with a knife!” She said.
I got terrified.

I don’t even know whether this is true or not.

She continued, “After that day me and Megha were not like before. I always tried and ignored her. One day she asked me the same question, ‘Who is your favourite person?’. But, this time I didn’t answer. I hated her bossing me around. So I simply said, ‘I think we can’t be friends anymore. I need some real friends you know, someone like Katie?’.

She was so silent and I could sense the anger in her face. ‘No one unfriends Megha!’ She said in a very loud voice.

‘She took away my friend from me, now I am gonna take everything from her’.

I tried to explain her that was not I meant. But, she did not listened to me.

Before few years I came to know that all your family are dying with tragedy.

Just then, I came to know it was all Megha.

I felt sorry for you and so, I wanted to do something to make you safe. Because, it was all my mistake”.

I was standing there still. I couldn’t believe my ears. I don’t really know what is happening.

“So, what did you do?” I asked.


“Whaaattt??” I asked.

“Megha is here. I wanted you to know the reason for your loss of family. I am going with Megha now. We are going to be friends forever,” saying so, she died.

I cried so hard. I don’t know what just happened.

Just then, I heard a whisper in my ear, ‘I tricked her saying I would spare you if she came with me, now nobody can save you’.

  • Swordslayerfish4

    This is so creepy.

  • Bonnie Manz

    The grammar is so bad I couldn’t finish the story.

  • Sabrya

    Wow… Ok… I wasn’t ready

  • Puddin Tane

    I hate to say it, but this story is stupid. That is just my opinion. The grammar is terrible, the plot is horrible, and the way it ends, well it sounds like something I might have written in the 3rd grade. You can do better.