The Urban Legend

He never met his mother. She left just after she gave birth to the unwanted child. His father didn’t have the heart to leave him,and accompanied by the looks of utter shock and terror of the nurses and doctors,he took the so-called abomination out to the world.

He thought at first his father loved him,or at least cared about him.But as years passed, being locked in a window-less room, supporting feelings of hatred for the unknown territory just outside his cage and its locals, who were openly denying his existence, he decided he couldn’t take it anymore.

He walked quickly around the room. Reaching the wooden door, he stopped abruptly. With all the force he could muster, he pushed into the door, the only thing keeping him from obtaining his well-deserved freedom. He got out, almost tumbling to the ground, and squinted his eyes in the bright light that suddenly surrounded him. He looked around.

The house was abandoned by now, his father nowhere in sight. The furniture though, was left behind. Passing through a maze of corridors and rooms, in order to get to the door leading outside, he could see how the walls were decorated with photos of a family he never got to meet. He could see his father, carrying two blonde children, laughing at their goofiness. In the background, a slim woman was supporting a small smile, watching the scene in front of her. Next to the photo, an old mirror was hanged on the wall. For the first time, he took a look at his face. One little black eye was staring back at him, the other one being white from blindness. He had multiple scars covering his pale face, which he guessed he inflicted upon himself.

As he peeked again at his face, he saw it. There was no mouth. He couldn’t get outside like this, or he would be spotted as soon as he left the doorstep. He opened the door to the first room that came in his sight. It was the library. On a desk, situated under a small window, there laid a collection of carnival, macabre masks, some stained papers,and a set of black markers.Taking one of the markers in his greasy hand,he painted a small smile where his mouth was supposed to be. Now he could be as happy as the family in the pictures. He also took one of the masks, hiding it under the shredded shirt that was too big for him.

The series of brutal murders left New York in complete shock. No one could explain how could someone be capable of these atrocities. The victims were always found with a smiley face mask, covering their ripped of faces.

He didn’t show any mercy.He wasn’t able to make the difference between right or wrong, no one ever taught him.

The series of tragical events continued. He was never caught.

  • chiara

    Very interesting, would love to see more stories of this!

  • Brandon Bryson

    If this is a start to a series, it’s a decent start. However, if it’s just a single, standalone story, it could use some work. Especially the ending.

  • Rose Morrison

    Good premise, but not well written. A lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes to distract the reader. The ending appears very hurried, lacking detail and flow. If it were expanded and edited it would be good. Also a great start to a series.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    That went 0-100 real quick