The Unwanted Monster

I woke up, there was light everywhere. I checked my surroundings making sure I wasn’t back at the lab being “tested”. Then my memories flooded back as my vision started to adjust to the bright lights of an unknown light source. I looked to my side seeming to meet a man wearing a coat, he must be a doctor working here. I thought of how a group of people managed to get me to a hospital. The man looked up from his paper work, probably of my health condition. He asked me very strange questions, mostly personal stuff. He said, “What is your favorite type of meat”? I then looked behind the man, my spine shook in terror.

The entity was floating in a circular motion behind the man. I shot up from the bed in an attempt of escaping from the hell I have been awakened from, but a chain was linked to my arms toward the metal bars beside the legs of the bed. I started crying in agony, begging the doctor to let me leave. This was a mistake. I comprehended that I shouldn’t have moved a muscle, but instead, I was foolish enough to do so. The doctor looked at me in frustration and told me I had a taste in flesh, human flesh. I began to sob out tears of insanity my mind went blank, I couldn’t believe that this some called doctor had said I like human flesh. The doctor told me to stay away from an entity that will follow me at 8:00 pm everyday. I didn’t believe a word this man was saying. What entity does he mean? He didn’t even smile, reassuring me that there was any cure to this insane condition, nor has he told me how I got to this hospital. The only thing I could remember is the anesthesia take over me forcefully.

I woke up next to my apartment door, the one I used to live in before I became a souvenir to the Camp Lab Industries. My neighbors have moved out before my disappearance making them worried as if they were the next victims. I got up thinking about this vivid dream that became an insane nightmare. I checked my supposed fresh source fo clothing that I apparently had. It was a white t-shirt with a sweater top. My shorts seem to be old and dusty. I checked my pockets for any keys that will help me get inside of my apartment and found nothing but a piece of paper. It seemed old and the handwriting was messy with ink splattered with tiny drops here and there with every sentence complete, I assumed someone was in a rush to writing all of this. I couldn’t make out the words, but it almost told me that the keys were under the little patch by exit of the stairs. My head ached as I seem to clear out the words from the paper. The same area where I have been taken away.

Then something hit me. Why would I just simply walk in my apartment and just act like nothing happened? I was an idiot then and didn’t understand the normal way of doing things. Go to the police, it’s the best way to sort things out. I walked outside checking the surroundings that I have missed sure enough. I was on the top floor outside my door. The streets were a little foggy, but it wasn’t that big of a harm. I went downstairs quickly with anticipation as if something was chasing me down. I then started to jog to the police station which I reached after what felt like an eternity. My heart sunk as I looked by the door ways sign, the station was out of commission. I slanted back I had to tell someone else, “I HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE ELSE!” I yelled in frustration. I checked the time it was 8:00pm, I stood there in silence. I slowly looked behind me. Sure enough the entity was floating slowly toward me. Its bloody red eyes¬†focused toward me. I was hungry, my saliva slowly dripped from my mouth I was hungry. I was hungry for flesh, not normal human food. That’s when I devoured the creature. The big change happened I became the entity that stalked other people, I am the unwanted monster!