The Tunnel People

December 12,1980.

Three men were found dead in an underground tunnel in South Carolina with the face half opened and without the brain. The police investigated but, without having found evidence or suspects, decided to close the zone to the public, until the end of the investigations.

Chris, Jennifer and Jordan were three best friends since the beginning of their childhood. They loved doing investigatations about the most mysterious facts that are going around in their city. And this last one, for their “career”, was the most important event they will ever face. They heard something about this case on TV and decided to investigate it themselves.

09:00 : The three friends went in the place, the morning early. It was closed with the yellow tapes put from the police: “police line do not cross”. They succeeded to overstep these without any effort and entering inside the tunnel without being seen by anyone. The darkness filled it, and usually was a home for the homeless. But, because of the strange happening, the homeless decided to go out to sleep in a better place where they could run less risks.

At its inside, Jennifer pulled out her flashlight. She was the only girl in the group and had more balls and courage than the boys.

“Come on, I don’t like this thing. The haunted house was all right, but I absolutely don’t tolerate this.” Said Jordan, the less courageous.

“Shut up and walk.” Said the girl.

The third of the group, Chris, was the most silent one and the only sound that made, in that moment, was a slight giggle.

They began to walk until the crime scene. The chalk outlines of the three dead bodies were drawn on the ground.

“There’s still blood, there.” Said the most courageous.

“Yes, you’re right!” Said, instead, the silent one.

“Exactly. Let’s go out from here, then.” Hinted the less courageous.

“But this could increases our work. We might be taken in the police if we’ll solve this brutal crime. So, please, we must continue to move forward. I want to be a Detective. Don’t you?”

They continued to walk yet until the end of the tunnel. There were other ways on the left and on the right side of it and in front of them the tunnel ended with a wall of bricks. A thud came from the left way.

“Ok. So we must go on the right side.” The cowardly had the first word.

“No. By this way.” The most courageous the second one.

“Mmmm…” And the silent boy the third one.

The zone was under a dark mist if it wasn’t for the flashlight that the girl had taken, knowing that the tunnel was under a terrifying darkness. The light of the flashlight was so powerful that they could see what was there to kilometers away. Someone, who moved at the end of that side of the tunnel, was the only thing they saw.

“I saw someone, there. Come on. We must run to find him.” Said Jennifer.

At the end of that side of the tunnel, there was a curve on the right side that led to another way. They followed it to look for the shadow that they saw moved before, but didn’t find anyone. A heavy thud was heard behind the Silent’s shoulders and, turning himself, he saw a man – or a creature – with some horns; with the face painted of red – or his kind of skin was so – and with some fangs which bites the Silent’s neck. Liters of blood came out from his throat that, after him has collapsed, he died after various spasms.

The being was there, firm and panting. He –or it – pulled back the left arm and, with a full shot, put it inside the dead body’s head. The creature ate his brain like a fat man eats a Hamburger at McDonald’s.

The hand of the Courageous was shaking and, because of this, all of them saw the trembling movements of the light. The two survivors screamed so much that someone could have heard the sound outside the tunnel. They fled, frightened.

Two others similar beings to it appeared behind the creature’s shoulders. The only difference between all of them was the color of their skin: one of them had a blue skin and the other one a opaque black skin. They began to run after the two human beings, screaming.

Chris and Jennifer continued to run until their exhaustion. They had to stop for a break or would die for natural cases, instead to be devoured by those beasts. After ten minutes and after hearing the screams of the monsters, they resumed the Marathon.

Almost toward the end of the tunnel, what they saw was something that would leave anyone speechless: hundreds, if not more, of those creatures were in front of them. Each of these had a different color of the skin and some horns and fangs were ornamented in various ways. The two humans screamed, trying to escape. But was too late: the flashlight died when it fell from the shaking hand of the girl and, because of this, they didn’t see anything. Their screams were covered by those of the creatures, and the flesh ripped off was the only sound that resounded in some pauses from the creatures’ laments.

The corpses of the three unlucky friends – being too far away from the beginning of the tunnel – were never found and, after seventeen years, the case was closed as unresolved.

Sometimes some homeless went to sleep too far away, and they were eaten. Because of this, the Tunnel People – coming from only God knows where – continue to survive – some even without food – eating some brains. Occasionally.