The Truth Hurts – The Story of the Truth Bringer

Holly was 12 when her parents separated. She didn’t understand why her mother took her away but she always felt like something was off with the man. She and her mother moved in with her grandmother Shirley. The grandmother would steal from them but nothing to hurt them which she was thankful for. However one nights at dinner, Holly’s curiosity got the better of her and she finally asked why her parents separated. Her mother looked shocked not understanding why her daughter would ask the mother though Holly knew. “You don’t know,” she said the mother sighed and said that Holly’s dad wasn’t the nicest person and left it at that.

It was Holly’s 13th birthday when she found it in the attic a box with her sister’s stuff. The box contained a picture of her and her sister. Her sister was a couple years older than her. Holly pondered on what happened to her. All she ever found out was that she went missing a couple years prior. But then she found another thing in the box: a news letter with her sister’s name on it. She quickly read it hoping to give her some kind of closer. But as she read it, fear slowly crept its way on her face. Her sister wasn’t missing. She was dead murdered by some unknown killer. She was angry. Why didn’t her parents tell her? Why couldn’t she remember the night her sister went missing? That night at dinner, she asked her mother:

“Why didn’t tell me Rose was dead?”

Her mother asked nervously, “What are you talking about?”

Holly got angry at those words. However, she knew she wouldn’t crack her mother so she left the table and went to her room.

That night Holly couldn’t sleep. Memories of her sister filling he mind ’till she heard a familiar voice call her name. She quickly looked around the room but saw nothing. She recognised the voice.

“R-Rose?” she stuttered.

“Why are you so sad little sister?” the voice stated. Holly began to explain everything from the lonely felling she always had to the sadness of not knowing what happened to Rose. Rose began to get angry and said, “I can show you what happened to me, and we can fix this family together.”

Suddenly she was in her old home and saw her and her sister. Holly being ten and Rose being fourteen. She saw her dad drinking his alcohol and her mother passed out from taking care of the house. She saw herself be put in bed and then her sister picking up her things from the living room. Her father asked her to grab him a beer. However, her sister was having none of it and said, “Why don’t you get a job instead of drinking?” At those words her father got up and went towards her sister. He began hitting Rose. With every punch, she heard Rose scream. She watched for what felt like an eternity until she heard a sicking crack and saw Rose lying lifeless. Everything else became a blur. Her mother waking up, seeing her daughters dead body and helped hide the evidence with him in fear. She called the police to claim someone else the killer.

Holly woke up the next day. It all went by as normal but now an anger for her family was boiling in her chest. As the night rolled by, she stayed awake to see her sister again.

“What’s wrong Holly?” her sister asked curiously. Holly explained how she couldn’t stand what her sister went through and how she hated the lies spoken to her which Rose agreed. “I can stop it,” she said, “Avenge us both.” Holly could only nod and grabbed her sister’s hand.

She wasn’t in control of her body anymore. She could see what she was doing but had no control over her movements. She saw her body get up towards her closet and grabbed Holly’s bat that she kept for emergencies. She slowly crept towards her mother’s room and raised it, covering her mouth with a washcloth while she used the bat to beat her to death. Her mother muffled screams slowly died out leaving only the sound of cracking of bones. Holly began laughing. She was in control again, but she couldn’t stop. When she finally did, her mother was unrecognizable. She heard Rose’s voice in her head and made her outside as she set the house on fire. She ran out into the woods to complete her mission and get revenge for the only family she truly has. However, she goes after anyone who would hurt a child or anyone who tells a child a lie. For she knows that the truth may hurt but lies are torturous.

  • tuskynative

    Pretty good story over all. Punctuation, sentence structure and grammer need work. Be sure to reread before posting to catch amy errors missed during initial writing. I really enjoyed the revenge Rose took through Holly, and i hope to read more from you soon. Keep up the good work.