The Thing in Downstairs

It was a rainy and stormy day. Girl’s parents were on a date night, so girl was left alone at her big house.

Girl was on her bedroom in upstairs. She was lying on the bed tucked in sheets. She was on her phone.

And then, there were this big tree next to her bedroom’s window. The branches were making scary noises and the shapes in the shadow looked like someone was there.

Girl was so scared, so she was behind her sheets for a while and then she put the sheets away and listened. “It was just the branches,” she said.

But suddenly she heard something else from downstairs.

“I’m on the first step of the stairs.”

The girl was so scared, she knew she was alone in her house, but it looks like she wasn’t after all.

The girl stayed listening and then it said.

“I’m on the 5th step of the stairs.”

Girl ran to her door, closed it and locked it so this “thing” couldn’t get in.
Girl ran to her closet and closed it quietly.

And again. There was this silence, nothing was making any noise, not even the branches or the storm.
It was strange why didn’t even the storm make any noise anymore.

But it said something again.

“I’m behind your door.”

The girl tried to be quiet and calm, but the fear was much stronger.
It said something again.

“I’m opening the door.”

And then the door was open, but the girl didn’t hear anything, not even steps.
She stayed on the closet for a while and then she decided to open the closet and leave quietly. She was gonna take her phone until she saw a shadow in her corner.

She stayed silent and staring it.
The shadow was moving closet to her, girl tool her phone and run to the stairs closing the door behind her.

She went to the kitchen and sat down and looked at her phone. Her battery was getting low and there was no internet near by.
But then something popped in her phone.
A message. From unknown.
She started reading it.

“I’m downstairs.”

Girl shut her phone and looked in the living room and the stairs.
There was nothing. She tried to turn the lights on but no. Power was out.
She wanted her parents to come home.

But then she moved to the door and tried to go out but then she stopped.
Because she felt something was behind her, and it was getting closer to her.

Then suddenly there were these dark and long burned hands coming hide her eyes, but she ran to the upstairs and closed her door and stayed standing next to the door but she didn’t know something.

It was behind her.
And it said,
“This time I’m gonna get you,”
And it took her in the dark.

-mastermind 19.2.18

  • Green_T

    Not an awful idea but you definitely need to work on grammar.

  • Dramaticana

    I like it, reminds me of a story called “Liesje and the puppet”

  • Lucas Myers

    Mr. Mastermind I would like to re-write this story with your permission

  • S.J. Hartsfield