The Smile

I am a teenage girl who is 16. I am very well known to move through crowds without any problems and I don’t talk because I listen to music all the time. I actually write in my diary for my feelings to be known for in the future.

Dairy Entry: Oct 20, 2002
I was walking to school when I saw someone smiling while I walked past them. So I ended up running since, you know, I’m the fastest in school. Anyways, the person was wearing a white jacket and black pants. I could tell if he had white skin or it was makeup, but I ran very fast. Happy I got home safely.

Entry: Oct 22, 2002
I saw the guy again. This time he talks to me with a mask over his mouth. He was a little nice. He sounded tired all the time, but he asked too many questions. I ended up telling him I am busy and need to do homework. He said, “Bye,” and I just went home safely another day.

Entry: Oct 24, 2002
So the guy has been following me a lot. I live a little in the woods and I have a bad feeling like his smile he has. It makes me remember something, but I don’t remember what it is.

Entry: Oct 25, 2002
I saw a very very tall man in a black suit and no face standing near my house. With two people a little farther than he is from my house. He was staring at the house, but I could hear static sounds for some reason. Well I’ll just go to bed and see what happens the next day.

Entry: Oct 26, 2002
The guy with the white hoodie said hello to me and asked why I didn’t go the same route like usual and I just said I was with other friends. I don’t want to seem like a bad person and said he is a friend as well.

Entry: 27, 2002
I saw the tall man again. This time I saw the two other figured men. One of the had axes at the sides of him, he had a unique hoodie, he was wearing kind of ripped jeans, and he has these glasses over his head that were stained yellow. The other person was the same guy I started to consider a friend and I saw his smile, but not the normal one he gave me. It was a murderous smile with hate and anger.

Entry: Oct 29, 2002
It’s so close to Halloween and I haven’t seen the guy with the white hoodie or the other people. I ended up just planning on taking this diary with me in a bag and maybe healthy snacks. Just so I can scare my friends a little.

Entry: Oct 30, 2002
I woke up in the hospital and couldn’t remember a lot. Just a Big Smile and a knife carving my face with one and then everything was black. I woke up in the hospital feeling so emotionless and I felt like something was wrong. Like there was someone waiting for the others to leave and get done with what they were supposed to finish.

Entry: (Fast Writing)
I can see those three men. They all are ready to finish the job they didn’t get to earlier. I CAN FEEL PAIN AND ANGER. As if I know I will not let them take me.



News Report: Girl Found Dead In Hospital Hall Way!?!

Girl was found dead in hall way of a hospital with her body badly damaged and she even had a carved smile, but made bigger and deeper into her face. This is one of the many girls found with many wounds like this girl.

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