The Ship Breaker

Kid’s POV:

The ship breaker moved into my country Bangladesh last Monday. At least that’s what I knew. He always came to town trying to sell the pieces of ship to my and everybody else’s families. Everybody rejected him, including my own family. My mom said that he was a scummy guy. He didn’t have a home and everyone felt bad for him. She also said that he was like a hobo. But we didn’t buy his pieces. I wondered why. When I asked my mom one day she said that it was no big deal. I just shrugged and walked away.

My interest gained again when when I saw him on the streets once more. My mom was right. He WAS like a hobo. He was going to knock on somebody’s door when he noticed me. My heart raced. I don’t know why. I was just scared. Then I ran as fast as I could. I heard the pitter-patter of his feet come after me. When I got home, I locked the door and ran straight to my bedroom. My parents weren’t home yet because they had work and wouldn’t be home for 5 hours. When i looked out my bedroom window, he was still there. He stayed for about 30 more minutes and then eventually left. When my parents got home I told them what happened. She told the police and got him arrested. They later got him executed. The cops  said that these were his last words:

Cop’s POV:

“I really never wanted any harm, really. I just ran after him to see if he wanted to buy some of the ship pieces. I stood outside of his house to see if he would come outside.”

His voice got more frantic now.

“Please, you HAVE to believe me! I SWEAR on my LIFE!”

His voice calmed, as if trying to reason with them.

( Them as in the cops.)

“Guys look, I have a family. I’m trying to pay off my apartment rent. Everybody tries to do everything for their family. That’s all I was trying to do, honest. Please, you HAVE to believe me!”

The cops were getting impatient now.

“Listen sir, whatever’s the truth it don’t matter. You still probably committed a crime. We believe you’re on drugs. Sir, are you on drugs?” The cop said. The ship breaker was now on the electric chair.

“No,no no no no no no no! Nothing like that. Please, just believe me.”

The cops just were very very impatient. The cops talked for a little and then came back.

“On behalf of Bangladesh, and behalf of the Wellsboro police, (That was the county they were in) we have decided to electrocute you right here, right now”, the cop said.

“Please no you have to believe me!”

But it was too late now. The officer pulled the  lever and a pulse of electricity pumped through the ship breakers veins.

Then came a mighty villainous laugh.

“Mwah ahaha ha. Mwah ahaha ha!” he cried out.

Thunder cried out. It was over. Done with. Probably the most dangerous person to ever come into Wellsboro was dead.

The cops later found out he was a drug dealer. He was also in a cult.

The kid who got attacked was surely lucky to be alive.


THE.             END.

( This is a fictional story. I hope you enjoyed it. Please rate and comment to give me tips to improve my writing. Please no nasty comments, as I am only a kid. So thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed!!!!)

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    The story kinda confusing

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    “Kid’s POV:…”
    Oh, this is gonna be brilliant…

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    Good detailed story !