The Road

I woke up from my scary dream. I never really have nightmares. It’s just this road I keep going past. It feels weird even looking at the road but sometimes I… want to go down it.

There’s been disappearances down that road before. I just think they lost track of where they were going… Well, it’s a straight road to who knows where, so I guess you can’t really get lost. I will… go down the road later tonight and see why people have been disappearing to. My mind says don’t go, but my body says go down it… but I don’t want to. Sometimes, I lose my mind just thinking about that road.

The night.

I climbed into my car making sure all my batteries were charged, if I did get lost and drove to the road and went down it. It was normal until I heard a loud bang somewhere behind me. I thought it was my stuff back in the boot, so I didn’t expect anything.

Three hours past and can’t see any light ahead of me or a gas station, but I kept driving three more hours past and I saw… a big shadow ahead of me. I saw it was… a person. I stopped the car, opened my door, and stepped out. I said to the person, “Hello! Are you okay?”

No response.

“How did you get here? Did you walk? Or take a vehicle?”

No response.

The person said, “Run there is something after you,” the person died soon after.

I looked back and saw a big monster about the size of a tank. I ran to my vehicle as I heard the huge monster running after me. I turned my key but I didn’t start. The monster was really close to my vehicle.

As I turned the key harder, it started and I quickly placed my foot on the gas pedal and turned my gear to gear five. The car wasn’t fast enough to outrun it. I pressed the gas pedal more and it went faster.

“Faster car! Faster!” I could see the end of the road. “Come on please!”

The monster went faster, its fingers scratched across my car. As I turned my car to the other road, I looked behind and I didn’t see the monster anywhere…

I suddenly woke up, “W-what happened? where am I?” I looked around.

I saw the monster in my window.


Nothing was heard of this unfortunate soul, but all we know is that we saw his mangled corpse on Clinton Road.

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  • Nemesis

    Ohh… Boy…… Another steaming pile of nonsense dumpster fire. This “story” DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!!!!!!!! A story must be somewhat comprehensive. Have a beginning, middle and ending. Make sure it makes sense its much more interesting for the reader