The Real Baldi Story

One day Baldi was hired as a teacher, but his REAL name is Ted. When he was hired as a teacher, he went mentally crazy because there was a student named Emily, Emily Field. She was really bad at math. Ted (Baldi) was asking her a question six plus three, she accidentally said eleven, she was two numbers wrong. Ted (Baldi) went crazy, he started attacking her. Emily ran and ran, fast as her legs would take her.

When Ted (Baldi) found her, he asked her the same question. Six plus three. She still said eleven. When he heard eleven, he hit her with his ruler twelve times and then she died. Then he dragged her dead body across the floor and threw her in his special room where he keeps kids that were just like her; not good at math. They just die because he beats them up and throws them in that room. No one ever found out about Ted (Baldi). He renamed himself to Baldi so that no one would find out about him. He changed all the people like: the principal, a student into playtime, another student into the bully, the superintendent, and more. He made them crazy, Baldi was going even more insane and crazy.

He became more wanting to murder kids and he really likes to kill kids. He didn’t understand why kids were not good at math. Then someone found out about Baldi and called the cops. He was arrested and his school became abandoned. No one ever heard about the real story about Baldi. No one ever will until now.

Some people say that on Halloween at 3:00 AM, you would hear his ruler tapping, and when you’re asleep, he would slap you twelve times just like he did to the girl. He would drag you across the concrete road while your blood is dragging behind your head. He would throw you inside his special room with all those other kids who died. Sometimes, he would be in hand cuffs and sometimes he wouldn’t be.

But he would always be near you tapping his ruler and wanting you dead. He would always have blood around his whole head. He would always have a huge grin right on his face. He would look happy, but he is always so sad. All because his heart is full of craziness. He hates kids who aren’t good at math. He creates demons who will follow you while you are running, threw the school that all the dead kids are waiting to be created.

Baldi will dress up as someone who will ask you to visit an abandoned school then force you to run around and get chased by crazy demons. That were once normal and friendly who had a normal life. Don’t mess with Baldi or else you will be dead. That is the real story of Baldi.

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    Lol. Good thing I’m superstitious and good at math 👈👈

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    I’m pretty sure this was a trollpasta lol

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