The Puppet’s Show

Hello this is a story I have never told being that I was afraid of the risk. I won’t bore you with the details but it was something to do with my favorite game. A few years ago, I played a game called dead by daylight. It was a horror game but it wasn’t that scary unless the killer comes out of nowhere. Anyways, I played as my favorite survivor Dwight and I played the game. It’s an online game. I was afraid of the killer called The Wraith because he had this invisibility ability and he would pop up and scare me.

A few days after The Wraith came out, I played as him and I played a few games. Of course, since it came out a few days before, there were still glitches. One was the mori glitch. I was morying a player when I stopped and the player was crawling the way it looked when I was about to mori him. I was laughing and confused. I then played survivor and that’s when it happened. I was playing against the first killer called The Trapper. I kept stepping in his traps and when I was about to die, the game stopped and the power went out. Shocked I checked the fuse and it seemed as if someone touched it but my family wasn’t there. I checked the rooms but all I saw was a puppet with no strings holding the handle for another puppet. I was scared since I didn’t own any puppets. I just picked it up and walked away. I then got the power back on and played another game.

I was playing Minecraft since I got bored then I checked on the puppet sitting next to me. He was gone, I then fell asleep. I woke up to a screaming noise. I wasn’t in the house anymore, I was in an abandoned theatre. I looked from the stage and I saw puppets cheering and I couldn’t control what I did. I then realized I am the puppet. They all looked and cheered as I was being chopped into pieces then I woken up. I saw the puppet with his hand on my head, it seems like he was communicating to me. I went to the theatre and saw the stage, I also saw flash backs of this place. I see the puppet on stage, “You have a choice,” was written on a banner, on one side was a pill, on the other was an axe. I then took the pill and hit the puppet with the axe. It was over for the both of us.

  • EricDraven

    I am sorry to be this guy, but this was rather confusing. There is no sense in anything, the beginning with mentioning DBD game has no connectiom with plot twist. While it could’ve been good, it’s really messy. Also you went checking rooms and you see puppet? Where was it placed? Was it on the ground/sofa/chair/table? What kind of face expression it had? Was it brand new or rather crude and worn off? Something shocking happens and you casually go to sleep? What kinda creature are you my friend? 😂