The Portal Master

*Sigh* Some people don’t believe creepypastas… well, they are real. They… sorry, let me start from the beginning. It was an ordinary day; go to work, come home, normal day. Well, that was ’til I got home. He looked like… an old wise wizard with a staff, with what looked like a portal contained on top of it.

“I need to be remembered,” he said, “you people need to fear me once again.”

I didn’t believe him so I told him to get out of my house or I would call the police. He left and I continued with my day. When I went to bed, I thought I heard something but I passed it off as next door since I live in a three-story apartment. I went to sleep and had weird dreams of creepypasta characters in real life causing destruction. When I woke up, it was 6 AM.

I went through my daily morning routine; shower, breakfast, brush teeth, go to newspaper job. The day seemed normal and I got home early, 12:30 PM, pretty early for the job. I usually work on the next days if I finish, but I didn’t. When I got home, there he was. I told him to get out… that was ’til he showed me his world… It was horrible and… peaceful?? He brought me back and told me to get writing so… here I am. In return, he will answer my questions.

“Do all of you live peacefully?”


“Did you cause the Dark Ages?”

*Long pause* “Yes.”

“Does everything we write come to life?”

“No… When we are born – yes we do breed… some of us – someone in your world gets the idea of us and start writing about us.”

“What exactly is your power?”

“I can create a portal between our worlds, letting us come here or *shudders* you humans go there.”

“If you’re not a human, what are you?”

“I am your worst nightmare.”

“Why should we fear you again?”

*He smiles* “I can bring a Second Dark Ages.”

After a lot of questions, he said those are ‘confidential’ and no one else can know what he told me. He even told me things I wish he didn’t that I can tell you all but none of you should know the many HORRIBLE things he told me. There is one thing needed to know; some creepypastas are made up, I don’t know which ones, but I can tell you that Slenderman, Slendytubbies, Ben Drowned, some people from lost episodes, The Rake, Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer, and even some SCPs like, SCP-682, SCP-610, SCP-096, SCP-303, SCP-1875, SCP-432, SCP-173, SCP-106, SCP-049, SCP-087-B, and many, many other terrify and deadly SCPs that some think are fake and or not scary, are real and terrifying… God help us if he brings them here. I push enter then he makes a portal and leaves. Please, please whatever you do, FEAR HIM OR YOU WILL RISK BRINGING US A SECOND DARK AGES AND WE WILL DIE!!