The Pokemon Player

Hello, my name is Jake and well I guess you could say I killed someone. I killed this one kid. He, well he was just ugly. But now I regret it.

I know whoever is reading this is thinking this is fake but trust me it’s not. Let me, well let me tell the whole story of what happened. I got a big package in the mail. My first thoughts was new clothes. But I quickly read in read marker it read “have fun! To Jake” I put the big package in my room I was quickly surprised how lightweight it was.

I set I down and grabbed my pocket knife to cut it. I feel like I was being watched at that moment. To my excitement I saw Pokémon. The first thing I saw, was it just said Pokémon. I went downstairs and put it in my Gameboy and I swore to God it said 666 in blue and then the thing that haunted me the most was that I saw him.

The kid I killed with black eyes that glowed and this huge smile, his teeth was sharp he also had teeth on the side of his eyes and had blood. What was creeping me out the most was it was a real image no pixels at all. And it screamed, this went one for about 30 seconds. Then I saw the game it said “WANA PLAY?” there was no play or anything there was that and a button that said yes or no. I pressed no and nothing happened, so I pressed yes.

It flashed. Then I saw that I was in a basement to my horror, it was MY basement. I walked and saw a door way. I said to myself “its only in the game” but I looked behind me and there was a door. I ran upstairs. To my bedroom and shut the game boy off. Then I had a nightmare of the kid staring.

The next morning I gathered the currage to play the game. Then I turned it on and it said out load in the creepiest voice “wanna play?” I still said yes I don’t know why that happened. I was in a cave. There was a Pokémon battle it wasn’t Pokémon music at all. A lullaby in slow motion.
The same song my mom singed to me as a child. I saw a slowpoke that had one eye. On the side I saw “Wanna play?” I had nothing it was just me. I chose punch.

It said “SLOWPOKE DIED WANNA PLAY?” I returned except there was a trainer he said “Wanna play?” The a battle the music was nothing. It said “The Pokemon Player sent out PicAcHu” it had 666 heath.
It looked and had red eyes a huge grin and sharp teeth. It then cut to black then showed the Pikachu’s face with red words “wanna play?”

Then I looked behind me and I saw the Pikachu with the kid I killed. They stood there just looking at me. Then slowly walking to me.
I quickly grabbed the Gameboy and the game, and broke it. Then screamed in vanished.

But now I still have nightmares if him staring at me. I even go as far as seeing him watching me. Whatever you do never play this game if you choose to.

  • Alexis Russell

    Oh my gosh!

  • Chaz

    Sorry, Bro, that was lame. Try spell and grammar check before you submit your next one. Also, elaborate on the name of the game if you are warning us not to play.

    • BongoAD

      haha, I understand, it was my first, I will keep it in mind.

  • SunBro7337

    Trollpasta at it’s finest. Just remember to go ALL CAPS

    • BongoAD

      yeah, gotta go all caps, and I can’t forget to make dumb decisions!

  • Mason Carlson

    Some of the words are spelt wrong but it was funny

    • DillyBoiInDaHud

      Yah, it was funny how bad it was.

      • BongoAD

        I understand haha, know that I look back, yeah, it’s pretty bad.

    • BongoAD

      yeah, I will write more and try to make it more SPOOPY!

  • BongoAD

    There are almost no commas.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    Take a good look at your grammar, spelling, and general plot design, then come back.