The Perfect Dog

A dark furred dog that has sad eyes comes up on its victims, which are usually young adults in mid 20s-30s.
It seduces its victims by changing its form to the victims perfect dream dog and slowly weaves its way into the victim’s heart for 5 days until the 6th day when the victim has isolated itself from civilization because of the dog
it changes into a snarling, boney, deformed dog monster. Then it sinks its fangs into the victim’s body and eats
the victim’s body whole. If you grow skeptical and defensive toward the dog before day 6 it will disappear until
day 6 and wait till your asleep and eat you from inside out in the dead of night. Then it goes and finds its next victim.

I know because I was one, it was 9:00 P.M. I was walking home near a nature preserve and in the distance, I see a cute little lab (my favorite dog breed). It was at least 2-6 months old, and it was dark furred and looked sad so I walked up to it, pet it, and it was whimpering so naturally I picked it up and took it home assuming the little guy
had no home. When I got home later, I showed my roommate (because I was 21 at the time and didn’t have much money I rented a house with my friend who also was looking for a place to stay).

When I showed him he said softly, “Bro, how are we gonna take care of this dog?”

I replied firmly, “We need a dog to bring this place alive!”

Obviously hypnotized by the dog, my friend said in annoyed voice, “When I wanted a Germand Shepard you said no, but when you want a dog we have to have it!?”

My friend was right I was being uncooperative in this argument. I gave him and angered look and he just said, “Fine you keep the dog but I ain’t taking care of it!” As he left the room the dog barked at him. When he reached his door he said, “sleep tight don’t let the dog bite,” sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and told him goodnight then I placed the dog down and started to play with it.

I woke up at the clock and it was 6:00 A.M. I had been so distracted by the dog I didn’t even realized I was that sleepy. I walked over to my friend’s room slowly because I was still tired and I went in to find no one in there. I looked at were I was asleep and saw there was no dog either so I got my phone out of my back pocket
and called my friend, to see if he had walked the dog. After about 3 minutes of calling and recalling he picked up. His voiced was different he sounded more relaxed and calm than usual.

He said, “Hey man how you doing?”

I replied in a worried voice, “Have you seen the dog?”

He said calmly, “Relax man. I realized I was wrong about the dog and accepted It so I decided to take it on a walk.”

I said, “Thanks man, I knew you would warm up to the dog.”

What he said next shocked me, he said, “I saw that dog 5 days ago It looked different but it definitely was the same dog I had walked over to it and pet it but I didn’t take it home.”

I was in a state of shock but it did made me think one thing why didn’t he want the dog when I brought it home? After the day ended I went to sleep on my bed this time with my dog. When I woke up I notice my dog standing in the doorway but I looked a little but boney I and bigger I thought nothing of it other than cute. I got put on my clothes and picked up my dog, then went to find my roommate but I didn’t see him.

Hours went by and I never found him . Until 3:00 A.M I was woken by my a sound of squishing so I turned on the light and got up to investigate the noise after looking in my friend’s room and seeing that he wasn’t there. I was a bit spooked so I grabbed my flash light and checked out side and what I found was a half eaten corpse of my roommate. And not to far away was my dog looking even bigger and more boney I picked him up and went to the house and called the police assuming a cannibal ate my roommate and not the suspicious dog. The police found nothing on his body it was like he just has cut clean through the chest then was devoured. I was scared for of all things the safety of my dog, so I didn’t let him out and I locked all the doors and shut all the blinds. I kept to myself and the dog that 4th isolated day. I woke the next day and barely opened up the living room blinds to have some light I played with the now a little deformed dog and never let it out of my sight to ensure its safety.

By the 5th day I was a wreck only caring for the dog and the only time I went out was to get dog food and because I was paranoid for the dog I bought a hand gun to protect it. When I got home I saw my dog and poured it’s food into a bowl unsurprisingly it didn’t want the food and it didn’t like the gun.

I said to it in a crazed voice, “Hey there boy, this is to protect you.” I didn’t sleep that night at all.

It was day around 3:00 P.M and I couldn’t find my dog so I grabbed my handgun and went outside to find it. The bright sun burned my eyes, but I still was determined to find my “dog”. I found him but he barely looked like a dog so I backed a way from this boney giant monster dog. I ran as fast as I could but I didn’t run for my house.
I ran for my car, and I couldn’t get a neighbor’s help because I lived away from the main town. So I get in and I look around stupidly for the dog and I didn’t see anything so I was relived. One second later I saw a giant bloody “dog” smash against my window so I get my keys and start to drive, about a half mile away I start to use the windshield wipers to wipe the blood off my window.

I start to calm down when I hear a large popping sound, then I realized it was my tire so I get my gun and get out to see. The “dog” with a human hand in its mouth. I was disgusted by this and shot wildly in the dog’s direction when I finally stopped to see the “dog” pounce on me and start to bite!

So I kick it and run into the woods leaving behind my handgun. About 4 minutes into the wood I see a giant revine that had a waterfall leading into it creating a sight. Just then I saw the dog I was coming for me I stood still In shock when it lunged at me, and It barely missed me and it went flying into the huge revine. I quickly ran to the nearest town to find a phone to call the police.


I said, “Hey Stacy!”

“Hey brian!” she replied, “I want you to come in and meet my new dog!” she said I look over to see a dark furred slightly boney dog with sad eyes.

  • Milli

    The story is too rushed, bad grammar and missing words makes it hard to read.

  • Rose Morrison

    Agreed Shroomgrl and Milli. I wondered if the piece had been put through a translation engine? These are notorious for butchering pieces of writing.