The Penangal

I live in a small village that is on the hillside of a rainforest. The village I was living in was called Penangal, as I was growing up, I always wondered why was my village named Penangal or should I rather say why it came to me. When I turned 30, I was married to a fine looking lady, she was called Putri (Princess). After the marriage, I learned a dark truth about her…

When it has passed a year, both of us decided to adopt a child as she could not give birth to one, I was fine with that. He was only 8 months old and didn’t do much other than sleep on his infant bed.
After getting a child, my wife’s personality changed…

During night times when I go to sleep, I hear my room door open but I simply did not care as I was too tired from officer hours. From there on, village people started complaining about their children disappearing and only leaving a blood spot on their infant beds.

I found my wife rather weird as she does not finish the food that I cook for every breakfast, she always seems to say the same few words, “Tak lapar,” which means, “Not hungry.”

I would regularly bring her to the doctor to check if anything was wrong with her on why she doesn’t have an appetite for food and so, it was on that one night, that one night where I saw my wife who was not someone I knew.

On a cold rainy night, I was asleep but I woke up to a nightmare. When I woke up, my wife was missing and then I heard a noise coming from the living room of my house. Quickly I took the handgun from the drawer beside my bed and silently walked to the living room. When I was walking to the living room, I passed by my baby’s room and heard him crying out loud. I quickly burst through the door and saw my wife’s head with her organs floating below it, did not know what it was, I fired my gun at the creature and grabbed my baby.

I ran as fast as I could to my neighbour’s house and heard swooshing sounds from behind me as if someone or something was flying. I turned my head around and saw the creature that I shot flying towards me. I made it to my neighbour’s house and told him to open up, eventually he opened up and I told him to lock the doors and windows. I also told him to grab his baby and wife, together my neighbour and me waited in the living room with out guns ready. Things started to get quiet.

Suddenly, a bang came from the roof of the house. My neighbour told his wife to lock themselves inside their bedroom with my baby and his. My neighbour and me went out of the house and saw the creature on the roof of the house, both of us shot the creature as much as we could, eventually the creature dropped to the ground and blood start oozing out of its organs. We both took a net from below his house and covered the creature with it tightly.

When morning came, village people started to crowd over and the head of the village came. He then explained to us what this creature was and what it was trying to do. He told us that the village was named after the creature, Penangal. It first started appearing in the late 60s, the creature was actually trying to eat my child and that I was married to it, the creature whom my neighbour and I shot was my wife. She was the reason why the children in the village were disappearing. I was rather disappointed with what just happened…

Two years have passed and nothing in the village has occurred. I was still horrified with what happened to my wife…

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