The Old Truck

There are a lot of missing persons cases and things like that in my town, oftentimes the victims are never recovered. I never thought I’d find myself mixed up in one such case. That is until one day, me and a group of friends decided to go hiking. We live in El Reno Oklahoma and enjoy seeing the scenery when we can. The hike started off as any normal hike would, small talk was abundant. That is until we came across it.

There, on the side of the road, was a rusty old pickup truck turned over on its roof. We quickly raced over to see if anyone was still inside, but it was completely empty, save for a few cans and a map. The map had something written on it in red. It said, “Surprise, now you get to play my game, open the map.” This was getting very strange, so we decided to try and report this to the police, but our phones had somehow all died, collectively.

Now that we had no choice, we did as we were told. Upon opening the map, we noticed there was a circle not far from where we were standing. There was also another note, which read, “Grab the shovel out of the back and we can begin, don’t screw up, I’m watching you.” With chills now running through us all, we voted I should retrieve the shovel. Reluctantly, I did as I was told and grabbed it off the ground.

We figured the next course of action would be to walk to the circle on the map. Once we arrived there, we started digging and almost immediately hit something. We uncovered it the rest of the way only to find that it was a skull, but not a natural human skull. It had to large of a mouth with rows of sharp teeth and very large eye sockets. This spooked us so much that we booked it back to town as fast as possible, ignoring the fact that we were being watched.

Later that night I got home, still a bit shaken up. I was wanting to call the police at first, but, what would I tell them that would make them believe me about what we had seen? I watched TV for a while to try and get my mind off it. It started getting late so, confused and tired, I went to bed. I got about thirty minutes of sleep in, when I heard what sounded like an engine revving in my yard.

I thought this was very odd to be happening at 2:30 a.m., not to mention the fact that I don’t really live next to anyone, so I didn’t know why I was hearing this. I got out of bed to see what all the commotion was. I still wish to this day I had just ignored it. When I got into the living room, that’s when I noticed it. There were headlights pointed in all of my windows, each set cutting the fog like knives. I walked up to one of the windows to get a better look.

That’s when I noticed that the same truck that we had found turned over, was peering at me through each window. Upon closer inspection, I saw the driver, only he wasn’t normal. He was wearing a blood covered duster, but that wasn’t the worst part. His face was twisted into an inhumanly wide smile with rows of jagged teeth visible. His eyes were unnaturally wide and bloodshot.

Upon even closer inspection I noticed what looked to be my friends all sitting in the back seat. Something was off about them, though. Each one had a sizeable chunk removed from their neck , blood practically spewing everywhere and they seemed to beckon me. I didn’t have much time for further examination before the driver spoke. He said, loudly, “Why the rush, we never finished our game.”

  • CastratedWalrus