The Night Calls Me

It was that night when I turned into a sanguine.

“Surely there are vampire wannabes in the dark mansion but I was wrong.”

Sanguines are the vampires of the real human world unlike fiction they are called of course, vampires unlike the real world, we are called Sanguines. And no I wasn’t bitten, it doesn’t work that way for us sanguines unlike in fiction such as movies and books. Those are just fiction, in the mind but here in the real world we are living in the shadows lurking into the darkness thirsting for human blood.

Some other Sanguines do not want to hurt any human being so they store animal blood in their closet but I was different, I wanted to hurt people. But remember, I’m just like you, made by He, and despised by they.

I wrote a diary before about how I turned into a sanguine, it was a really good story but since I don’t have that now anymore I think I have to make just a summary on how I turned.

It was that night that I don’t remember until I was awakened as a Sanguine.

It was before Halloween night I have to go find myself a costume as a vampire. I went to every store and mall and there was no vampire costume for me to wear. As I am outside of the final store I’m going to look for a costume I saw a tall mansion from afar in the woods. Surely there are vampire wannabes in the dark mansion but I was wrong.

So anyways, I went through the mansion. The further I go the faster the night comes. I knocked on the big door in front of me trice but there was no sign of anyone inside. So I opened the door and it wasn’t locked so I came in. Then I felt like being stalked by something or someone.

Then a man in a tuxedo and a cape with a tophat was at the balcony watching me from the dark with red blood glowing eyes. I felt terrified I ran away back outside but as he snapped his fingers the door closed and locked. I CAN’T OPEN IT HELP!!!

He jumped down into the light which he lit up by using his cane or scepter but it wasn’t a man, it was a seductive woman in a velvet dress.

“Hello, Klei.”

“Please, don’t hurt me.”

“I’m not here to hurt you.” She said

I ran away from her to the 2nd floor as she was just walking to catch me and then I looked at her while running away I looked in front of me and she was there in front of me. Damn, she’s fast. Is she even human?

“No, I am not human.” Said she

“How did you know what I was thinking?”

“I know a lot about you honey.”

She looked closer to my eyes as our eyes meet with my brown eyes and hers are red.

She caught me with my guard down by the gaze of her eyes to mine… I fell in love with her.

She whispered to my ear, “Finally, I won’t be lonely anymore.”

She slowly went to my neck and bit my neck with her fangs penetrating into my veins feasting on my blood while she injects a poison inside of me with her fangs causing me to turn into a SANGUINE.

The ceiling had a mirror as I looked above, I couldn’t move. My brown eyes were slowly becoming bloody red.

She and I fell for each other. There’s no need for me to be afraid of her. She gave me a tuxedo with a cape and a top hat. But wait, who was that man in a tuxedo and a tophat with a cape I saw earlier?

“It was your inner demon, darling. He was waiting for you.”

“So am I vampire now?”



“You are sanguine.”