The New Me

Quiet boy, quiet mind,

Smaller of the two.

Moving to a new town,

No friends, just him and Liu.


The feeling started deep down inside,

A feeling he didn’t know.

Bullies with knives so bright,

He fought back, he just let go.


Now he knows what the feeling is,

He had fed the hunger inside.

His brother took the blame for him,

A mix of sadness and pride.


The neighbors’ party was boring,

The kids there were small.

Again the bullies showed up,

Again they wanted to brawl.


They started the fight,

The kids were screaming.

There it comes again,

That warm, delicious feeling.


When the fight was over,

The bullies all lay dead.

Alcohol, bleach, I’m on fire!

What will become of me, my parents dread.


Laying in that bed,

Weeks, months, I cannot grasp.

When they finally reveal my face,

My family just gasp.


I like it, the new me,

It’s like I’m born again.

This time now, it’s different,

Time for others to feel the pain.


It hurts to smile with my new face,

Smiling for others to feel cheer.

But I have found a better way,

Now I smile from ear to ear.


My face is now perfect to me,

My smile and my eyes.

From now on I see the truth,

While others live in lies.


When the night has fallen black,

So silently I creep.

My friend, my knife, glinting in the night,

Hush now,