Poem: Answer my Questions

Why is there darkness in me when the sun out

Why am I filled with fear and doubt

Will someone answer my question today… maybe tomorrow

Or will my life be filled with more sorrow

How come everytime I beg for answers

People run away like I’m cancer

Somedays I wish I can escape this pain

But I know my wishing is done in vain

One day I finally decide to give up, today

When I finally realize I’ll never be okay

So with my last breath I wrote this poem

All my life has ever been is a bad omen

The day has come for me to leave

And when I die I ask you not to grieve

Because of this day my questions have been answered now

If you need me I’ll be hanging around

  • Alissa Isley

    ‘Hanging around’

  • Burlierbard

    Love the pun at the end. I’m a sucker for some good word on word play. 5 stars.

  • Jesus Regis

    Beautiful, just beautiful

  • CreepingDeath

    Umm, I hate to be “that guy” but does anyone know if the author is actually ok?

    • Bree

      Hey, this is the ‘author’ (I own a lot of accounts) And for the record I am okay so no worries.