The NeighborHood

About your character: You’re 19. You’re a girl named Lilly and you love to uncover mysteries. And you have a best friend named Hannah.

“Oh my Jesus it’s sooo late and I have school tomorrow!” Hannah says as she grabs her bags and gets ready to go. “Hey, wanna go explore that abandoned neighborhood?” you ask while you grab some flashlights. “Fiiinnee, just cuz you’re my best friend and I don’t want you going alone!” Hannah says while grabbing an Ouija board. “Ouija board? OUI or no?” Hannah Asked. “HELL YEAH!” you reply.

You guys drive to the neighborhood and as soon and you passed the “Rough Road” sign, the car radio cuts out and says No Signal. “I’ve heard this place is SUPER haunted!” you say as you get out of the car. You walk into one house and see a random glass eye. Hannah grabs the Ouija board and sets the eye beside it. Before you start playing you look out the window and see a faded figure sitting in the grass looking at the moon. You and Hannah start playing. “Are there any spirits here that want to talk?” Hannah asks. It moves to yes. “How old are you?” you ask. It says 13. “What’s your name?” Hannah asks. It says Delilah. You suddenly hear someone say something in your ear, “I’m Delilah. Th-They took my eyes.”

“Who took your eyes?” you ask. Hannah looks over at you and tells you that no ones there. It takes a minute for Delilah to respond but she finally does. “My parents took my eyes, and gave them to my older sister since she was blind. My parents did not care about me, they always gave there love to my sister.” Delilah tells you. You tell Hannah that Delilah’s eye got taken by her parents and how she wasn’t loved. “Then my parents took me to my room and killed me.” Delilah says to you and Hannah. You guys totally forget about the Ouija board, because you’re talking to a ghost in person. “Do you like us?” Hannah asks. “Yes, I like you guys.” Delilah says. After awhile you guys say goodbye.

You guys go into the next house, the one you saw the figure sit in front of. You guys walk in and go upstairs to one room which had a hospital bed in it. You guys talk in person to this spirit. “What’s your name?” you ask. “Matthew,” he says. “How did you die?” Hannah asked. “Coma,” Matthew says. “I was in a coma for a month, then I went into cardiac arrest and no one knew, then I died.” Matthew explained. “Are you harmful?” you ask. Words start to fill the room, “YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.” “RUN, FRICKEN RUN LIKE HELL!!” Hannah screams. You see a journal and before you run, you grab it. You run through the grass and the cool breeze hits your face. You get into your car and drive away. Hannah reads the journal. “It’s a journal of Matthews state of health.” You get home and you hug Hannah. “Thanks for coming with me,” you say. “No problem,” Hannah drives off and you go to sleep.

Thank you guys soo much for reading!

  • Jennifer Lawson

    That was great 👍😀😀😀😀💩

  • Angel

    I thought it was anticlimactic, a little bit of a let down but very good for the most part!!! Little more practice and you will make great stories!!!! Thank you for writing it lovely!!!

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Wow, I don’t even really know what to think about this. It was so staggeringly casual. Like, the two characters just acquiesced with everything that happened, not having a single moment of shock or disbelief. I’ve never read anything like that. Really. I’m at a loss.

  • Izzy Vilimas

    Its a good story overall, but the ending seemed rushed.

  • wifey30

    It wasn’t good ,interesting, or entertaining.