The Necklace

“Listen to the wind brush past the trees. Listen to the stars twinkling sweetly. Hear the sound of owls in the trees. Hear the sound of a voice.”

My love. Your beauty is more than I can comprehend. The way your hair falls over your shoulders gives me goose bumps. I swear I will win your heart.

Wandering through the streets on a rainy day, I saw a work of art that seemed to blow away the rain around her. A radiant beauty, like no other I had ever seen. I approached her as she seemed lost as to where she was supposed to be.
“Hello, are you lost miss?” I placed a hand on her shoulder gently. Startled she spun around to face me with wide eyes, as beautiful as a field in the summer breeze. “Oh! Hi…um yes, a little. I’m looking for the jewellery store.” She smiled at me gently. I felt my cheeks burning, “Would you like me to take you there? I grew up here so I know the town like the back of my hand.”
“That would be lovely! Thank you.” She brushed her hair behind her ear as I lead her down the street.

A little while passed and we arrived at the store. “Thanks for bringing me here. I’d seen a necklace I liked when I was moving in but didn’t have the chance to check the price.” She gazed through the window at a silver necklace, lined with blue crystals and gem stones. I smiled slightly “It sure is lovely.”
“Yeah…” she seemed to be lost in thought, eventually breaking out of her day dream. “Well I should be getting on…would you like my number? It would be nice to have a friend around.”
“Yes please, I think we’d get along well.”
She gave me a note with her phone number on and walked away. I smiled as I watched her turn the corner.
Could it be? No. After all, who could love someone with a story like mine.
Days passed. We talked constantly. I thought she liked me. I really did. We would joke about things we’d see in town, and make plans to meet up all the time.
“So, hey, would you meet me in the park tonight? At about 6pm?”
“I’d love to. But what for?”
“Well I’ve been here for a while now, and I’ve always loved one thing about this town. I want to share it with you.”
“Awh, that’s sweet! Thank you.”
“No problem.” I smiled to myself, tonight would be the night. I’m going to do it.

6pm came around and I was waiting in the park.
“Hey!” She ran forward and hugged me
“so what is it you wanted to show me?”
I said nothing, but took her hand and lead her to a tree, placing a blanket down and sitting on it with her on my lap.
“What are we waiting for? Come on, you can’t hide it from me forever!”
“Just look.” I held her head gently and made her face the far hills. It was getting dark, and after a few minutes the sun began to set. “This is why we’re here.” Sunlight illuminated the scene, as a soft breeze flew past us, making her hair wave slightly. “Wow… it’s so beautiful!” she exclaimed. I looked at her and smiled “yes, yes you are…” flustered, she turned to face me. I leaned in slowly, tilting my head to the side. “What’re you doing? …” she prominently moved backwards. I opened my eyes “I…I’m sorry…”
“I think I should go.” She got up and left, running back down through the park.

Maybe the necklace will help.

  • Sammantha Ellyn Soto

    Noooo. I don’t understand the story.

    • Kia Lou

      That’s the point 😊 sorry to confuse you. I’m uploading the series at random sections. This is the 3rd part. The last part – which will tie into this one and give it more sense – Late Night Melodies, is already up now 😊 thanks for the feed back!

  • Hi_there

    Not creepy just a love story

    • Konner

      Yeah, it annoys me when people do that

      • Kia Lou

        Please read my reply! 😊 sorry this part isn’t isn’t the scariest of them all!

    • Kia Lou

      Hi! Thanks for the feed back! Sorry for the disappointing section. However, this one story is part of a series I’m working on. I know this part won’t be as creepy as the rest, but it’ll make sense when the full story is up. The last part to the story has already been uploaded, this is the 3rd part. Late Night Melodies – is the last part to the series. I’m uploading it at random parts for a reason. Like I said, it’ll make said sense in the end 😊