The Meat Room

So, let me introduce myself. My name is Brock, I just moved to a small town called “The Galaxy” and trust me I know the name is corny but we are getting off topic.

I am 18 years old and I just moved out of my parents house. I enrolled in Easterday high school and met this girl named Trish. She is not popular and would rather not talk to anyone. I asked her to go on a date with me and she denied, so I got her address from some other girls in the grade and, that night, decided to go knock on her door.

It was her mom who answered.

“Are you here for Trish?” she asked in kind of hellish voice.

“Um. Yeah… I guess.” She pointed to a door on the left side of the hallway and told me to knock before I enter. So, I knocked on Trish’s door, nobody answered. I waited for about 5 minutes and knocked again, Still no answer. Just as I turned around to leave her door creaked open. I peeked in her room and only saw black.

“Come in,” said a voice. I was skeptical as I thought this over, I stepped in the room and instantly fell. The house got further away as the walls all separated. Trish and her mom were floating and chanting words that didn’t make sense. And then they said, “Enjoy your stay.”

I fell for a few more seconds and then appeared in a room with dead bodies hanging from the ceiling. I was so scared I think I peed a little, suddenly a man opened a door and yelled,

“Who’s next?”

  • LordKapuze

    The idea ist nice, a little bit more background would be good though, like, who are you and who is Trish, things like that

  • LordKapuze

    The idea is nice, also your writing, but it is lacking a little background.
    I would like to see this idea grow, as i said, it is nice.

  • Irrelevant

    Sounds great as an intro for a darker story. Consider continuing it?

  • Aly Greg

    nice intro for a dark concept but i hoped it was elaborated with more prior encounters with Trish or her family before the revelation just to give a more thrilling atmosphere in the story

  • Amanda

    I like how ur mind works but I want more info. And what happens next.