The Man Under the Stairs

It all seemed dark. It all seemed empty. It all seemed like a dream. But I soon realized… it wasn’t.

He made me realize. He made me see. I can no longer go back.

One night I was laying in bed. I heard a deep yet subtle laugh. I get scared. I slowly walk down the stairs. I then feel an urge to scream, but I don’t. I can’t. My mouth is covered with what seems to be string. How is my mouth sewed shut? He did it. I get down to the bottom of the stairs and see his eyes. His eyes are bright red. They give me a sense of fear and pain I’ve never felt before. He speaks. It’s quiet. It takes me a minute to understand. But then I hear it, “here”.

Here? What does he mean, here? I back up to the point I’m up against a wall. He follows. I see his whole body. I am unable to scream. Tears roll down my face. He then jumps out at me. I try running but I’m stuck. Why can’t I move? I keep crying. Things are blurry because I’m not wearing my glasses. He opens his mouth, I wake up. My pillow is wet from my tears. How could that be? It was a dream? How could that be?

I walk downstairs to see my mom and my little sister. They are gone. I wonder where they went. I hear crying from up stairs. It’s Lily. My baby sister. She’s here, but where’s mom? I don’t really look into it. I take Lily out of her crib and go downstairs once more. I make us food. As I’m making food I hear a noise. What was that? Was it him? I put Lily in a chair and give her her food. I walk towards the sound. I see those eyes again. Those bright red eyes. Who is he? Why is he here? I walk closer to see him more clearly. Lily starts crying and I look towards her and back at the man and he’s gone. Where did he go?

The day goes by and it’s already time for bed. I put Lily to sleep and I lay in bed. I hear the steps creaking. I open my eyes, but I don’t move. My door is slowly opening. I’m scared. He then peeks his head in, and the his whole body. I’m terrified. He is nothing more than a shadow. A shadow with bright red eyes. His eyes. What is it about his eyes? They… pull me in, yet they push me away. He comes closer to me. My mouth is sewed shut once more. But how could that be? He hasn’t touched me. He takes his hand and places it gently upon my stomach. I do not move. He has claws the size of kitchen knives. He pushes his fingers into my stomach. I can’t scream.

I look down at my stomach and there is a pool of blood. He grabs something out from inside of me. I can’t tell what it is. He looks at it, then proceeds to eat it while looking at me. I still can’t move. He bows his head down and drinks the blood out from inside of me. He shows a bloody smile. His teeth are sharper than razor blades. He leaves for a minute. I sit there, scared out of my mind, in more pain then I could’ve ever imagined. He comes back with what seems to be a rope. He puts the rope through the gaping hole in my stomach… and hangs me from the ceiling. He eats my arms, then my legs, then my face. He then proceeds to show me my face, after it was bitten off. He then says “here”. Here. He said that yesterday. Why again? I remember Lily. Lily. My sweet sweet baby sister. As I hang, almost lifeless from the ceiling, I hear a loud, desperate cry from the other room. Lily. He got to her. Before I could start crying again everything fades out into darkness. It’s empty. It’s endless. Where have I gone? Why am I here? Why me?