The Man in The Closet 2: Origins

P.S. This is a different style that I’m trying out.

The man who was a shadow, that ended up in my closet, used to be a smart man. His name was Jacob. Jacob was in High School, and about to go into college. Oh, and by the way, I ended up having to research most of this information. But, most likely, The information will be gone after I post this. So, back to the story. Jacob was looking to go to Harvard. But lately, he’d been feeling weird.

He was getting itches all over his body, and felt like someone was always watching him. He would dismiss these feelings, and scratch occasionally. But a week before “it” happened, he started seeing these bumps appear on his legs and arms. He started to get worried, but didn’t want to go see a doctor about it, because he was scared of them.

After a day or two of those bumps appearing, the feeling of someone watching him grew stronger. As he got closer to the full effects of “it”, he knew for a fact someone was watching him. He started to get more and more paranoid. Once, he became so paranoid, he turned around, in the middle of the street, and screamed, “STOP FOLLOWING ME!”, as loud he possibly could.

He started doing this daily, until someone called the cops on him. That day, he had brought a pistol to shoot his stalker. The police had determined that Jacob was completely insane. They took him into solitude.

He started to feel the full effects of “it”, and slowly, but surely, he started to become more, and more deformed. No one could stand to look at him. After a day or two in solitude, he started screaming like a maniac. By this point, his face was messed up in all kinds of ways. When he was eventually let out of solitary, he had to wear a face mask while out in public. When he went back to his old house, he didn’t realize things were different, because his vision was so messed up.

The house was falling apart. He hadn’t realized how much time had passed. He was in solitude for a full 6 years. He started to get used to his new life, as a deformed monster. Then, one day, he tripped and fell into a construction site. He ended up landing head first on a broken pipe. It impaled him, killing Jacob instantly.

When he died, his ghost roamed around as a shadow, with his deformed face, and body. He eventually ended up finding an apartment, my apartment, that looked like his old house. Jacob walked in, found my room, and hid in my closet. Every single night, he would sleep at the end of my bed, while I slept. Until the night I woke up and saw him. That’s Jacob’s story.

Now, I don’t exactly know what happened to him after the night I saw him. If I did, I would definitely tell all of you. But for now, that’s all the information I have.

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