The Lost Story of the Original Killer

Mikyla Anders was a 14 year old girl at the time. She lived in an old town with her best friend Jeffrey woods. They would do everything together. But one day Jeffrey moved away leaving Mikyla alone with nobody.

One day she asked her parents if they could move to the town her best friend moved to. Knowing that Jeffrey was Mikyla’s only friend. They thought it would be a great idea to move.

So the family found a house near Jeffrey’s family. When they got settled down there, she was over joyed to see him. She got to his house and knocked on the door to see Jeffrey white as snow and his face messed up. He explained to her the accident that had happened. She was very understanding and told him that she still wanted to be his friend.

On that same night, she heard screaming coming from his house. Mikyla got dressed and before she could leave a person came through her window. He said, “It’s me Jeffrey I have to tell you something.” He took her to the bathroom and showed her what he had done to his face. He asked, “Aren’t I beautiful?”

Mikyla responded, “You look fine Jeffrey.”

“How can you still say that after what I just did to my self?” Jeffrey said.

“Because your my only best friend and I don’t care what you look like,” said Mikyla.

Jeff told her to do the same thing to her self. She agreed to do it so Jeffrey reached in his pocket and pulled out two pain killers for her. Then she took her favorite cooking knife and cut a smile into her face. But she didn’t want to burn off her eye lids. Then she got some matches and lit herself in fire. Then after all of that she looked a lot like Jeffrey. Then they went around to kill her parents and siblings before leaving.

Mikyla and Jeffrey ran away into the woods they changed there names to Jeff the Killer and Mika the Killer. While they were walking through the woods a big dark cloud appeared. It grabbed Mika and they disappeared leaving Jeff alone. He was freaking out wondering were she went. He yelled asking where Mika was then a tall slender figure came to Jeff and told him to come with him…

  • Mickey Martinez

    Good job my dude keep up the good work

  • IronMosquito

    This wasn’t written that well… It was ok

  • Tate’yana Knight

    This story is just bad, you could use alot more detail.

  • Cthulhufellower689

    Cool story