The Link

I was 17 at the time, in my small apartment. I had dropped out of school (which is the legal age to drop out in my state) and was kicked out of my parent’s home because I “had a job and could afford my own house” they said. Anyway, after I got bored, I found myself browsing the internet. I decided it was best to check my email, since I was expecting one from my boss about information on the job and I was only an apprentice at the time. But, instead of finding any of my emails, there was only one email from an email that I couldn’t read since it was blocked. I don’t know how they managed to do it, but I guessed it was hacking. In that case, I would have to be careful about how I go about this email. I clicked on the email, which had nothing, except one link highlighted in red. I clicked the link, being the stupid teenager I was.

It lead me to a weird black screen, where there was no X or anything to exit wherever the hell I was. I was stuck watching it. A light in this “video” slowly got brighter, and it landed upon a apparent male, about my age. He was wearing nothing except a pair of boxers and was strapped to a medical table. I couldn’t see much because the camera was focused on his feet. A few seconds later, the camera was lifted up and was lodged where it could get a direct view of the man. His eyes were closed, and his breathing was deep, as if he was knocked out by Chloroform. He was a brunette with short hair, about 5’7, pale and skinny like a stereotypical nerd from a school movie, and was very sweaty.

The male woke up with a start, and soon realized he was strapped down. He struggled, but to no avail. The camera then moved again, and landed on a tall, lanky figure with an abnormally long neck. The figure had a faded, bloody mask that was the form of a cat. The painting was red, and it had markings of a cat. The figure smiled literally from ear to ear under it’s mask, knife glimmering in the dark from the reflective light. The camera followed the figure as it approached the male, the male struggling and crying for his life. The figure traced the knife on the belly of the male, the knife diving deeper and deeper into the male. He screamed out in pain and begged for his life, but it was all in vain. The figure continued to gut the poor boy, but I couldn’t tell you what happened next, because that was when I ran out of my apartment. I had ran all the way to my car, started it, and drove off straight to my parent’s home.

Now, I go to my therapist every Tuesday, still traumatized by what happened 3 years ago. My parents allowed me to live with them until I get a roommate or husband, since they didn’t want me alone ever again. I had deleted and changed my email, and never went back, not even for my belongings.

Yesterday, I walked down the street of where I used to live with Lucy, my BFF. As I walked passed the house that used to be my neighbors, I heard screaming and the sound of guts being ripped out of a body. The same thing I heard while watching that damned video.

  • Dominik Kalezić

    Needs more work.. the storyline by itself is good but need some polishing..