The Last Room

This is my first timing doing this so any advice you have for me will be good.

Hi my name is Zinnia. I am what you call an average teenager well that did not last to long. It all started with my mom getting remarried to my friends dad I was delighted at first… specifically because my bestie Violet was like family to me already. My mom decided to move in with them because where we lived was to small.

Once we settled in, he said that were three rules: to be home by 6, we have to be in bed by 9, and the biggest one of all STAY AWAY FROM THE ROOM AT THE END OF THE HALLWAY!!! I asked why, and he bent down and whispered, “If you go in there I have no choice but to let her take you.”

I turned to Violet and ask was that always a rule. She said, “Yes. Ever since my brother and mother’s death.”

I have forgotten that Violet’s brother and mother had died. I remember the story Violet told me about on how they died. Her brother died in the car crash when his bus was hit by a truck and 3 months after that her mother went and laid in his bed and took her own life. Ever since then nobody’s has been in the room. It has been 3 years now.

For the first few nights, I followed the rules, but one of the cheerleaders was having a party and both Violet and I wanted to go. So we decided to pretend to go to sleep early and sneak out and by at the party by 10. Our plan was to go through the brothers old room and leave through the backyard but when it came time to go Violet chicken out, so I left without her as I closed the door I made my way down the hallway to the room.

The hallway was dark and bizarre looking. It was like it had started to spin but I keep walking. But no matter how longed I walked, it seemed like I never moved. I looked at my phone to see what time. It was 11: 30, and I was still by the room door. I looked down the hall to see if I was close to the brother’s room and all I could see was a shadowy figure standing there.

I thought it was my step-dad but when I started to move closer, I noticed it was shaped more like a woman. Scared, I ran back into the room, jumped in the bed pulled the cover up and tried to hide.

When I thought it was all clear I rolled over to see her lay next to me. I assumed if I closed my eyes she would go away but before she did what she said sent shivers down my spine.