The Laptop of Time

There have been a lot of stories about the dark web. I didn’t believe any of them were true. That is until I found this laptop at an internet cafe. Now I think my life may be in danger.

The machine was open, its 12 inch screen revealing something odd yet intriguing at the same moment.

It was the cafe I was in at the moment but not the cafe.

Somehow it was showing me walking in some ten minutes ago. I saw myself go to this same table, discovering the laptop.

It was like the machine had recorded me.

Taking a seat at the table, I checked to see if the computer’s camera was taping.

It was.

But within the digital scene of me entering the local place I noticed that it had the date and time just below it.

Using the mouse, I re-ran the playback one more time. Once again I witnessed myself walking inside the internet cafe; once again I saw myself go to the laptop.

But who would use this device to do such a thing?

Looking about the place, I wondered who owned the computer. No one appeared interested or concerned about me at the table.

Then I ran my finger once more across the mouse pad to watch yet one last time. To my dismay I somehow sped the time on the camera up to five minutes.

The video flashed back on revealing me still setting here with a girl I did not know.

What the hell? I thought, spying around the place. What was going on here?

No sooner had I thought this, a girl (the one on the video) slipped into the chair right in front of me.

I almost jumped out of my skin, realizing the laptop had somehow recorded the future.

She just set there, smiling.

Her long, blond hair fell across her left eye, as she gestured the laptop I had discovered.

“A time-computer,” she almost whispered. “Once… used it becomes yours until another finds it.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing? It had to be a joke; one of those TV shows where you got punked.

The girl on the screen walked off, and, sure enough, this girl followed suit.

The laptop was still recording five minutes in the future, as I saw on the screen three men walk into the cafe holding shotguns.

They aimed the weapons, spraying the place as people screamed and dived for cover.

On my God! I screamed in my mind knowing that any second the horrible carnage witnessed was about to transpire.

Should I just make a run for it or try to save these people?

With about two minutes left, I decided to race for the back way out of here.

Jumping from my seat, I scanned the place for an ‘EXIT’ sign.

It was just too quick; I couldn’t think fast enough.

Then it happened: the three men walked in, aiming their shotguns.

Horrified, I jumped under the table as the guns blasted about the cafe.

I could hear people screaming and falling to the floors or tables or wherever their bodies hit.

Holy Christ! I cried to myself as the crazed killers stopped their deadly game.

Footsteps neared my table; I knew it was the men with the guns. But no, it was the girl wit the blond hair.

She bent down and smiled at me. In her hand was the laptop that could somehow record the past or the future.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing this any longer.”

She slowly stood back up. With caution, I did the same.

Looking about the internet cafe, I saw people surfing the web on computers.

“What… the hell?” I asked her with stalk terror. “What… just happened?”

“Nothing yet,” she smiled, turning and leaving out the front entrance.

As she disappeared into the crowded street, I watched as the three men once again entered the cafe.

Shotguns waving, they sprayed the establishment with death. As I fell to the wooden floor, a last thought entered my mind: boy, five minutes can seen like an eternity.