The Lady in White – Part 1

I was driving on a country side road when I first saw her. A beautiful girl in a white gown waving for help. My first instinct was to keep driving, but there something about her pale face beautiful features that made me stop. She got in the car, I asked what was she’s doing out here so late at night. She didn’t speak, just silent between us. The kinda silence that lingers with awkward emotions.

After about 20 minutes or so, she said, “He can’t find me now.” I said, “Who can’t find you?” Her eyes grow dark and vacant. “You didn’t see him?” she asked. I said, “Sweetie, I’ve been driving for hours. You are the first person I have ever seen.” Then out of nowhere, I heard my tire blow.

S**t! I knew I would have to pull over and change the tire. As I was getting out, I heard what sounded like horns hit the back of my car. “Oh my god! What the hell?” My eyes knew what I was seeing wasn’t possible but it was. A giant ram with fire for horns. The Lady in White jump out my passenger seat and in her hand was a sword. She raised her hand and the sword produce a light and flame that cut the beast in half. I didn’t know what to do. Out of the clouds, a man appeared, same as the Lady in White, beautiful features and a white suit.

“Ozarka, you have been bad little girl. Running away killing my beast.” At this point, I was contemplating that I was sleeping, possibly driven my car off the road. But I was not. This doesn’t happen to guys like me, well no one really, only in books. He clapped hands. Two huge bisons came from out of the clouds behind him. At this point I’m looking for a way out. The Lady in White stood there, gripping the sword waiting for the next wave of monsters to come. Then a binding light extended through the sword knocking me back on the ground.

There was a loud roar that came out of the other demon like bisons. Soon The Man in White melted away into one of the beast, charging at the Lady in White. She was no longer human appearance. She had turned into a giant white owl. The two giant beast battle each other until blood was finally growing  across the man in white. And he’s vanished out of thin air with his beast leaving with him.

I was thinking to myself, I should have stayed on the highway. Within moments, I felt my shoulder burn. She had touched my arm. “It’s ok now. Noel, you will be my assistant against the war that is coming.”

“Look, I don’t know who you are?! What the f**k is happening? I’m just trying to make it back to New Orleans!”

In one piece, she smiled. “Noel, you have always been traveling trying to get home. I can help you if you agree to become my assistant.” And with those sweet words, we got back in my car. “So we’re do we go now, Sweetie?”

To be continued…