The Invasion

It Was My BirthDay So i Invited My Friends To A SleepOver At My House Since My Parents Were Away For The Weekend I Had My Friends Corey Scott Gabe And Hodge (We Call Hodge Sharky) Over We Were Having A Great Time Until It Became Night. Me, Corey, Gabe, Scott, And Sharky were chilling playing some Really Intense Board Games Until The lights in the house started Flickering Corey went down to the basement to check out the power box and Scott just was staring At the window awkwardly so Sharky Asked “Scott You good?”  Scott replies “Yeah, but look There Is a mutha f*****g Clown Outside” Me and Gabe Looked Out the window  ” what? I don’t see it” I Say Scott says ” I Dont Know Where He Went He was just at that lamp-post holding some balloons with a knife popping em” Corey comes back and yells ” ALRIGHT BOYS I FIXED THE LIGHTS! ” we all hush Corey. Gabe Pointed At the window and said “Scott saw a clown popping balloons” so Corey gathered by the window and after a little the lampost started to flicker and then there was a clown standing under the flickering light popping balloons staring at us and we all stare back at him and after a while the clown just started to run to our house Scott Screams Like A Girl And Yells ” OH S**T THE CLOWNS COMING LOCK THE WINDOWS AND DOORS FUCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” So we all are running around the house locking the doors and windows and when we think we locked them all we run to the basement and Gabe Ask’s ” where do we go now?” Sharky Replied With ” I have been preparing for this day follow me ” so we follow Sharky and he puts his hand on the wall and a retina scanner appears and Sharky puts his eye up to it and a robotic voice says ” access granted ” that’s when we start hearing banging on the basement door Corey Says ” alright pin heads whose dumbass forgot to lock a door or window ” and then Scott says ” sorry i  thought it would be fun if the Clown got in the house ” Everyone starts yelling at Scott  ” EVERYONE SHUT THE F**K UP AND GET YO ASSES IN THE ROOM OR DIE PICK ONE!” Sharkys Yells, we all look at each other exchanging thoughts and soon decided to go into the room  we all ran in room Sharky closes the room and then we all hear glasses shatter multiple clowns laughing and then we hear guns Gabe is in the corner screaming  ” THE PURGE HAS BEGUN ” And Scott slaps Gabe and says ” get yourself together man ” Sharkys says ” they will never find this room so both of you shut the f**k up ” then the clowns start beating on the door and start saying ” hahaha we found you and were blowing this wall sky-high ” Sharkys like ” well s**t we all are dead Unless You guys have a plan ” then we hear the clowns say ” tick tock tick tock tick tock” repeatedly and Then boom!!!! The Wall is gone there was at least 20 clowns We thought we were screwed when Sharky And Gabe Charge At The clowns and start beating the s**t out of them Then Scotts Screams ” LETS DO THIS FOR MUTHA RUSSIA” and starts bashing clowns heads into walls Me and Corey look at each other and said “F**k it” and start ripping heads off of the clowns and we take some hits we almost beat em until the clowns call backup and then about 100 more clowns show up I Look To my left i see Scott And Gabe fall to the floor covered in blood i look to my left and see Corey and Sharky Get Knocked Out Then I Fall to the floor and everything becomes dark I wake up in a dark room and find myself chained up next to my friends that are covered in blood hanging chalkboardI then hear metal scraping the concrete it felt like nails on a chalkboard, ear-piercing Next thing i see is 4 clowns with what looked like animal mask like real animal masks as if they decapitated the animals and put on their heads then a man in a porcelain mask appears then I start to laugh all my friends gave me confused looks the man in the porcelain mask    asks ” Little Boy Why Are You Laughing?” his voice was scratchy and gross I spat at him and The man Slapped Me And i Continued to laugh He told me to answer his question so i did ” you think im afraid of you, do you think i fear seeing death?” Sharky tells me to shut up and watch what i say but i dont listen. The man in the porcelain mask says “why dont you fear death”

I simply reply with “i dont fear death because if i die here at least i will be dying next to the people that have been with and stayed friends with me even though i was a d**k to them some-” i get cut off as i get a box cutter shoved through my stomach one of the clowns start a fire, the man in the mask starts cutting me up into pieces and cooks my ripped up bloody body on the fire and then the clowns eat my body leaving only my head in tact. After One The Clowns Finshed Their Meal They Left the room and came back with a button. The Man In The Porcelain Mask Starts telling my friends what is about to happen to them he says ” When My Clown Friend pushes this button here These Walls Will Fall And Wild Pigs We Have Starved To The Brim Where they will eat anything they Will Charge in this room and started to eat you kids till their is nothing left We Need To Entertain The Dark Web And We have a request from a User Named Rayfluffyman4299 to kill you kids with consequence PigPie Have Fun” The Man In The porcelain mask leaves the room and then the clown pushes the button and winks. Corey was the first to be completely eaten,Then It Was Scott,Then Sharky, Lastly Gabe Was Eaten and the kids were never seen again. The End