The Insane

Kids going trick or treating at night. All the candy that they get not knowing if it’s poisoned or not. The sky is dark the clouds are no longer white. They are dark and shady. How the trees rustle in the wind. How the leaves fall as the children run by holding their candy baskets and dressed up as creepy monsters or little princesses. As the branches keep breaking when the children walk on them “snap snap” but this one little boy had something different than a normal trick-or-treating fest… It was something more than a family time…

His name was Alex… as he wakes up in the morning listen to his alarm clock beeping. He gets up with the wrestling of his blanket in the sound of the covers rubbing against the bed. He turns off his alarm clock with just a click then he gets up as his bed creaks. He says, “Okay time to start the day,” he walks down the stairs as the stairs creak every step he takes. Here’s his mom in the kitchen making pancakes as every time she flips the pancake and lands on the pan it makes a tssss…  sound. He says, “Good morning mom what are we having to eat today?”

“You’re having pancakes bacon and toast today dear but you better hurry up before you miss the bus to school because I really do not feel like driving you to school again.”

“Don’t worry Mom. I won’t miss the bus.”

She says that she giggles, “Whatever you say honey just please don’t miss the bus.”

“Whatever Mom,” he says as he runs to the bathroom then closes the doors with a creak and then slam. He walks into the restroom and opens the toilet seat and does his business.

He says, “I can’t wait till after school then we get to go trick-or-treating. It’s my favorite time of the year and actually my favorite holiday to during my favorite season! Woohoo I can’t wait,” he gets done with his business and goes to the sink he turns on the faucet. Alex get his toothbrush out of the glass container that it was in and it makes a cling. Alex gets his toothpaste out of the cupboard and starts to brush his teeth.

“Hurry up you have to get ready for school!”

“I’m getting there!” he gets done brushing his teeth and runs into the kitchen with the floor making creaking sounds. He grabs his socks out of the bin and puts them on as he sits down on the couch and his couch makes a creak. Then he grabs his shoes and slip some on. He grabs his book bag and his jacket then runs up the door. He says, “Bye Mom I love you I’ll see you after school,”

“I love you too. Have a good day and don’t get yourself in trouble again with your friends. You know how this turned out,”

“Whatever Mom. I won’t trust me I love you!”

“I love you too have a good day at school!”

He runs onto the grass and the leaves. As the leaves make a crunching noise he runs up to them gravel where the bus comes and the pebbles make a skidding noise. Then he sits there and wait for the bus. After 5 minutes the bus finally comes. The bus makes a clanging noise as it stops then the bus driver starts waving his hand to tell him that he can go across the road. He starts walking across the road and then gets onto the bus. He says, “Good morning Miss Lisa.”

“Good morning back to you!”

He starts to walk down the aisle to go to a seat 24 where his friend Hayden is sitting. Hayden says, “Hey dude are you ready for Halloween after school!”

“Yes you’d we’re going to have so much fun!” After 10 minutes they finally get to school the bus driver says for everyone to get off the bus and goes to their classes. All the kids listen to her then get off the bus and start walking to the door. When they walk into the school as Alex he’s talking to Hayden, then the bell rings then everyone starts trampoline over them self to get inside. Everyone runs to her locker very quickly to get to their next class. Alex says, “See you later Hayden I got to go to my next class.”

“Okay dude I’ll see you at lunch!”

“Okay see you later dude!”

It’s been 2 hours and he starts walking to lunch. The principal goes up onto the stage to make an announcement and he says, “Everyone is going trick or treating this year. Better be careful there is a rug doll killer that’s trying to lure kids into the woods and then slit their throats open but there is no reason to panic. The police are already searching for the masked killer.”

Everyone is given a fright as they continue looking and staring into the principal’s eyes. And then after he gets off they start talking to each other and eating their food, Alex look around and look for Hayden but he’s not in the room. Alex’s walking around the lunch room looking for Hayden as he starts to confuse himself. He continued searching but still cannot find him. He starts to become worried and then asks a teacher.

“Hey have you seen Hayden hops anywhere around here I can’t find him?”

“No I have not seen him but I heard that he went home sick. Sorry buddy but I don’t think he’s going to be here. Looks like you’re going to have to sit with someone else today.”

“Well I guess so,” he walks away from the teacher and then sits down the random table. He found a school he gets on the bus and drives home. The bus driver says have a nice day. He starts walking to his house as the pebbles keep making a crunching noise in the leaves keep falling from the trees bacause of the wind blowing out them. He walks into the his house and opens the door. They walks up to his mom and says, “I’m worried about Hayden he had to leave school today,”

“Oh I think I’ll be perfectly fine. You just won’t be able to go trick or treating with him but that’s fine too. What’s till you get the entire night to yourself to go trick-or-treating does that sound fun,”

“Well I guess so…” he walks he walks into living room. He takes off his jacket then hangs it up then he jumps onto the couch with the couch making a giant creaking noise. He says to himself, “Oh yeah I have to get ready for trick-or-treating. Silly me.” He just back up and runs up the stairs while the each day that. He stepped on makes a creaking noise. He runs into his room then grabs all his trick or treating supplies then starts to put on his costume. He says to himself, “I’ll just going to be so fun getting so much candy!” he runs down the steps and then tells his mom, “Okay I’m going to go trick-or-treating. I love you!” as he runs out the door before his mom can say a word. Then she screams out the window, “Just be safe.” He says, “I will mom!” as he keeps running to the house that he’s going to get candy at which is his neighbor Jonathan.

He sees Jonathan and screams, “Hey Jonathan!”

“Hey Alex you want to get some candy!”

“Heck yeah!” he starts running to the house grabs his candy then leaves and then starts running to the next house.

It’s about 11 at night and he starts to get really tired and starts walking back home. He says to himself, “Oh man I’m super tired maybe I should go home,” then ice he’s walking home he sees his dark figure next to a tree he says to himself, “What the…”

They start walking towards the dark figure that she starts dancing. Keeps looking at the dark figure as a man creeps up behind Alex without him noticing and then starts to cut. He starts to cry. Two days later, his mom puts on the news at the news reporter says 3 children murdered at Halloween. One name was Hayden Hops, Alex Mary, and Jason Mary. His mother starts crying and grab some tissue and wipes are eyes, then she said, “Don’t worry Alex… I will kill everyone… Until I find the person that murdered you… I promise…”

  • Karii

    Wait so does Alex have a brother? Or does Jason just happen to have the same last name as Alex?