The House

It was a cold and star filled night, the wind was howling the road lights gave an eerie glow. The sound of cars still speeding throughout the city night. It seemed just like a normal night in the city. this city was rarely quiet. I was walking around the city at night, and don’t ask me why, because the truth is, I don’t know why. I kept walking then came to a stop when all and everything was completely silent, not a sound to be heard.

I started to run around to see what happened, but before anything else could happen I tripped over a plank on the ground, I got up and quickly and dusted myself off, I looked to my left. I saw a whitish lemon colored house that looked like it was built in the 20th century, there were planks scattered throughout its porch, with broken steps, broken glass, and planks nailed to the windows like a shelter in a zombie movie. The house seemed unstable.
My curiosity got the best of me and I ended up going up the porch stairs but before I climbed up the last step, the plank I stepped on snapped in two, I didn’t move I was paralyzed. I snapped out of it and continued to go to the creaky door.

I continued inside, there were many paintings and the thing the one I found most interesting was a giant portrait of an old lady with a cheery smile. Which I could of sworn when the lightning in the back lit up the room the smile looked like kind of an evil grin. I looked through one of the windows which was difficult since there were planks nailed to them. I saw many drops of water falling from the sky. The wind had started howling even louder. I started shivering, I could see my breath inside. This once white colored building that was now a lemon colored yellow from many years of being alone, without care.

I explored some more and found some newspapers, which at first glance didn’t seem very important until you read the title of the news paper. I started to read the first five words of the first paragraph but stop immediately stopped when I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. My face had turned pale. I turned around slowly, Nothing. What had happened? Had I imagined this? Questions started flooding my mind. I went to the door I came from, It wouldn’t budge. I then heard laughing, I was once again paralyzed, frozen still.

I heard the noise coming from up stairs. Which once again my curiosity had gotten the best of me. I went up the staircase, and which each step I took the noise seemed closer and my heart started to beat faster. The noise was behind a door, I started breathing louder and closed my eyes and opened the door slowly. When I fully open the door, I opened one eye and caught a quick glimpse of a unnatural white glow, I opened my other eye, nothing was happening, could it have been an illusion? I went down stairs quickly and took the newspaper and went into a closet, I read the newspaper which said:

“Woman found dead mysteriously”
A local woman was found dead, though nobody knows why-

I was cut off one the closet door opened on its own I quickly hid. Then I saw something I would never forget, A ghost. It looked like that lady from the portrait. I tried to hold my breath, my heart was beating, I started to sweat. I hid my self even more hoping she catch me. she laughed a slow laugh and said in a hoarse voice “ Playing hide an seek are we? “

The ghost suddenly put on an evil grin as lightning lit up the room “Found you!” she yelled as she jumped at me. I fell out of my bed, It was 6:00 am, had it all been a dream? Questions once again flooded my mind. I quickly changed out of my sleeping clothes and ran out my house door, I was late for work. I got to drive past were I thought the house was, I saw nothing there. Later at night I went to that same place and stood in shock and found that the house was there, maybe my questions would be answered if I explored there once more….

( Author’s Note: This is a Creepypasta I wrote some time ago, however, I will write something new…. someday 🙂

Also, please feel free to criticize the story and tell me what could be improved on, it’ll be well appreciated! Thank you for your time!)

  • zakaryspinx

    SLOW DOWN… It seems you got so ahead of yourself writing, trying to be as detailed as possible thst you lost yourself. You said it was a dark and star filled night… And yet lightning lit up the picture… It was difficult to follow because you were too detailed in some spots and not detailed enough in others. The part about being in the city for an unknown reason was a little confusing and talkingabout how quiet it was… But i feel if you tak your time, really think about what u want to portray you could really give it a go. Paint a portrait, not an abstract piture that makes us squint to see its true self.

    • Zach Johnson

      I don’t think anyone could have said it better

      • zakaryspinx

        Thanks 😀