Broken Flames

Alania Samanosha, a 16 year old girl with long brown hair and bright green eyes, flopped onto her bed after a long day of school. She pulled out her phone and went through her messages, then selected the conversation with her best friend Maya. Alania thought for a moment, then typed quickly, her thumbs barely touching the screen.

Alania: Hey BFF, What’s up?

*3 minutes later*

Maya: The sky, duh!

Alania: Ha ha ha, that joke got old loong ago.

Maya: So? Well, my stupid mom is making me finish homework then eat dinner, Ttyl!

Alania: Bye, Ttyl.


Alania sighed and tapped her fingers, then decided to go on Instagram. She tapped the icon on her screen and scrolled through the pictures, not even reading the captions and just liking them. The teen stopped on a certain picture, that had a scary killer looking dude. The kid looked like a teenager, with long pitch black hair, a white blood covered hoodie, converses, black jeans, and insane eyes. What caught Alania’s attention was the huge smile that was cut into the killer’s face, and the burned off eyelids. Alania loved horror movies and stories, it was her favorite hobby to read and watch them, well, it was second to video games.

“Who is he?” she said aloud to herself. Alania scrolled down to the caption that said;


The girl smiled, a glint in her eye. She had to find out more about this Jeff the Killer dude, but before she could do anything, her father came home from work, got up, and walked to her doorway, seeing he was wobbling around and crashing into the wall. ‘Drunk again…’ Alania thought, rolling her eyes. She closed her door and locked it, then walked back to her bed and sat down. She heard her mother walk down the stairs, and knew a fight was going to break loose. Alania’s mother sighed heavily, and muttered something.

“What was that?” Mr. Samanosha growled.

“Your drunk again, I’m not dealing with this,” her mother said back, then started to turn around and walk back to the bedroom.

“Come back here, b***h!”

Alania’s father reached out and grabbed her mother by the arm roughly. Her mother gasped and tried to escape, but she only got shoved into the wall. Alania bit her lip and tried to block out the screams of Mrs. Samanosha as her drunk father beat her to death. When the screams stopped, Alania could only hope that her father had stopped, but her wish didn’t come true. She heard clumsy stomps up the steps, then a bang on her door. The teenage girl held her breath, then got an idea. ‘I can jump out the window before my dad breaks in, then run off… My window is about 12 feet off the ground by my guess… Let’s just hope this works and I don’t kill myself!’ she thought, then ran to her window and lifted the glass and the screen. She looked back just as the door swung open, to reveal her drunken father who was holding the lifeless body of her mom. “Mother…” she whispered, then shook her head and jumped. She landed clumsily, but fortunately she broke nothing. Her wrist got sprained from landing on it, but Alania ignored that and got up. Her dad was yelling at her through the window, and then disappeared inside the house. ‘Uh oh…’ Alania quickly thought, then started to run in a random direction. Her father came charging out of the house, but he tripped lots of times from being drunk. Alania looked over her shoulder, but didn’t stop running until her neighborhood was far from sight. She looked around, and saw she was right in the middle of the woods her mother had made forbidden. Alania had always wondered why the woods were like that, but she knew that the mystery was soon to be solved.

In the shadows, as the sun was setting and casting eerie shadows, Alania walked around very carefully. Her eyes flicked back and forth warily, while she shoved her hands into the pockets of her black hoodie. She wished that she would’ve had enough time to grab her 3ds, but of course no one gets what they want. Alania sighed and stopped, then found a place to rest by using the flashlight app on her phone. She was glad that her phone had a great battery, and that she had charged it, because that was the only thing Alania had left, besides her clothes of course.

As Alania watched the sun go down completely and the moon rise, a little light started up in the darkness of the trees.

A few meters from the girl, Alania turned towards it, but had to rub her eyes to see it.

“I must be hallucinating…” she said, shaking her head to clear her mind. The light got bigger and brighter, but still stayed a few meters away. Alania looked at it in wonder, then got up and slowly crept towards it. The light just got bigger and the brightness got a lot stronger. Upon closer inspection, the little light was actually in fact a flame. Alania tilted her head, and as if she was hypnotized, crouched down and reached out for the spark. As her hand got closer to the flame, it got bigger and changed color. The color changed from a bright white to a very dark green, then a blue, then purple. Alania was still hypnotized, and just kept reaching towards the growing fire. The flames grew to where they surrounded the teen, then started to creep closer to her body.

It started out a huge ring of flames, then got smaller and smaller until it was only two inches from covering Alania in fire. Alania’s eyes were sparkling in the sparks of the flames, and seemed to change colors along with the flames. The fire inched closer, and was now only an inch away. Alania wasn’t aware of her long hair being burned and her hand that was reaching into the fire was being burned. A creepy smile forced its way onto her face, and the flames finally surrounded her body in a flash of white. Alania wasn’t aware of the pain her body was feeling, and just laid down with the smile still on her face. Her eyes slowly became lifeless, and her hand dropped down, limp.

Her mom was dead, her dad was soon to go to jail, and she was always ignored or lied to by her ‘BFF’. Her heart and life were broken, so was her sanity. When someone found her, they immediately called the cops. On the scene, all that was reported was, ‘Teen girl found dead, completely burned in unexplained fire.’

It was later researched more, but no one knew that it was Alania Samanosha who was the one to die in the horrible way. There never will be a correct explanation of how she got to these woods, or how the fire started and why she walked towards it in the first place. Alania is still alive, but dead at the same time. Her ghost roams the woods, luring people into the dark trees and then killing them the same way she had died. Alania even gave herself a new name, it wasnt ‘Alania’ anymore, it was Broken Flames. Her spirit lives on, but only if you believe in her, you will see the broken soul who ended in a flash of flame. I see her everyday in my woods, but I knew her story as I watched her from the window of my house. I was smart enough to not go to her when she called my name, but I just stood at the edge of the woods and watched her spirit stare at me with bright, glowing green eyes. But now the time has come, I will go with my old friend Alania and join her. As I am typing this, she is calling my name. Goodbye, and thank you for reading this story of my BFF.

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