The House

My friends giggled. Sofi, who was dressed like a cat, tried pulling me closer to the group, but I would not move. They were looking at a house, a house so worn with time it looked skeleton white, and vines fell from the roof and balconies. But I couldn’t shake the feeling something bad was about to happen.

Finally i yielded to Sofi. I walked slowly and cautiously toward the group, and the Ayionway Manor. The adults wouldn’t go near this thing. They believed it was haunted. I believed it was haunted. But most other kids just thought it was an old run down house with an old woman and her husband living inside.

The old woman was my grandmother, and though I loved her, my parents would never let me see her. My grandpa is dead. He died from falling down the stairs and hitting his head. My grandmother kept his coffin by her always, and she turned mad. She would cackle evilly and talk to my grandfather. It was really creepy.

“Let’s get closer!” Jai said. She was dressed up like an angle, and her twin sister, Kai, was dressed like a demon. Also in the group was Julia, dressed as a witch, Kayden, dressed as Harry Potter, and Jake, dressed as a zombie. I had dressed in an elaborate vampire costume.

I grew more nervous as we grew closer and closer to the house. Finally, we were there, at the front door.

“Eden, this is your grandmother’s house, ain’t it?” Jake asked. “Can we go inside?”

I nodded slowly, and immediately regretted it. I heard grandmother cackle upstairs, and I flinched. Everyone else just grinned. “Your grandma sure takes Halloween seriously.” Kayden noted.

We opened the door and went inside. We crept down the hall towards the staircase. “Let’s split up. Jai and I go together, Julia and Jake together, Kayden, Eden, and Sofi go together.” Kai suggested. Everyone but me agreed. Kai and Jai headed down a hallway to the left, Jake and Julia backtracked to go down another hallway, and Kayden, Sofi, and I headed or the stairs.

We slowly and carefully marched up the stairs. I winced at every creak. When we got to the top, Kayden announced he was going off on his own. I protested, but Sofi agreed. I showed Sofi around and she seemed really interested, until Kayden screamed.She rolled her eyes. “Your grandma could be asleep! Whats he doing yelling like that? Lets go find him.” We walked back and arrived at the staircase, where we had heard Kayden scream. A ll we saw were his Harry Potter glasses. “What is he playing at?” I heard a sickening lurch above me and a drop of red liquid landed on my nose. I looked up and screamed. Sofi looked up as well and fainted on the spot.

Kayden was dangling there, a cord wrapped around his neck. His eyes were still open, and they showed his eyeballs were gone. I slapped Sofi’s cheek. “Come on, come on, we gotta get out of here!” That’s when I saw the hand coming around to corner.

That was all I needed. I fled down the stairs away from the beast, abandoning Sofie. “KAI! JAI! JAKE! JULIA! HELP ME!” I screamed. I looked back to see a dark figure pulling out a jar of two eyeballs, and plucked two more off Sofi, then proceeded to pull out a knife and–. I looked away and ran harder. I met Kai and Jai in the living room. They were sitting and talking, looking around at all the antique photos.

“Eden. What was all that screaming about? You nearly scared Jai to death.” Kai chided with a knowing grin. ‘Did you see a spider?”

“Monster… eyes… Sofi… Kayden… dead…” I chocked out, still out of breath.

Jai laughed. “What?” Then the twins eyes both widened in fear. I turned around and screamed. My grandfather, more like a zombie grandfather holding four eyes, was walking toward us. His teeth were sharp and he was biting into a blue eye. Kayden’s eye. I screamed again, and this time Kai and Jai joined me. I heard Jake and Julia scream upstairs. They found Sofi and Kayden.

I fainted.

When I woke up, I was in my grandma’s room. She was sitting on the bed cutting up eleven round objects that looked like, MY FRIENDS EYES! I started to scream again, but a gross rotting hand covered my mouth.

“Dinners almost ready.” The disembodied voice of my grandfather whispered in my ear.

  • Venn

    This is an interesting mix of creepy and gross..