The Good Dream Fairy

Creepy crawlers running down your back

The cold metal tray that you are on

Your mind filled with black

The distant reminder that you are almost gone

The yellow hospital tag on your foot

Your face contorted with your near last expression

The air filled of nothing but soot

You’re going to die with a lot of unanswered questions

Do you remember the gun pointed to your head?

You were just trying to seal a deal

But now you are almost dead

None of this seems any real

You can’t believe they didn’t realize that you weren’t dead

How long were you already here?

It feels like years in your head

But the time you got here till now was actually very near

All you remember was robbing that jewelry store

The police coming to grab you

You got yourself caught in the door

Thinking the hand on your body was a policeman’s trying to catch you

It was actually the good dream fairy

Warding away this evil dream

The dream was actually getting quite scary

But everything is going to be alright now or so it seems