The Girl in My TV

It’s been about a few months since it happened. I wish I never even reached out.

On the December of 2017, I moved out of my parent’s home to this spacious house near the woods. The house wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. Anyways, when I walked in the house I suddenly got chills. I can’t explain why but I just did. I set my luggage down so that I could walk around one more time before I unpacked. In the living room, I was surprised to see a functioning TV. It was a Samsung flat screen TV, from what I could see it was pretty new.

“Sweet, looks like I don’t need to buy that smart TV after all!” I said to myself. For the next few hours, I unpacked all my luggage, plugged in my PS4 and started playing some games. Within the first few minutes, I experienced some very weird issues with the TV. Whenever I played a game, the TV would either shut off or just change to a new input.

Fast forward a few days, I was watching a programme on the TV when all of a sudden, the audio cut out. I did everything I could to get it back but to no avail. Then, I heard a voice that made the hair on the back of my neck stand.

“Hey, I’m in here!” a voice shouted.

I immediately turned my head to sed a girl, bruises draping over her. I stood back, dumbfounded. Who was she? How did she know I was here? Is she real? Questions filled my head. Finally, I started to enunciate words.

“Who… who are you? Are you real?” I asked. I could see that the girl was in distress. Her eyes red and dry. Her hands were dirty and she was wearing a dirty night-gown. She seemed to be at least 9 years old.

“Help me…” she said as she swung her hand up.Her hand started to protrude from the screen. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to help but I had a bad feeling about the whole situation. Ignoring my suspicions, I reached out and tried to grab her hand.

When I grabbed her hand, I looked up to see the girl smiling. Her mouth was full of blood. Her eyes started to fall out of its sockets and she pulled me in. Her strength was unmatched and I immediately fell into the TV. Once inside, I looked around. White covering the whole area. I looked behind me to see the girl, this time on the other side of the TV.

“Bye bye,” the girl said as she waved and disappeared. I looked back to find the girl again, this time she was hanging. I guess she must’ve died by suicide. Now I’m stuck in here.

No wonder the place was half-price.

  • Ghost_121

    So, basically you’re stuck in the TV and became the dog from the new duck Hunt vr game called duck season.