The Game Master

Brian has always been a weird kid. He likes things that others dislike, while hating things that others love. He loves romance, hates sports, likes being alone, and hates other people. But the one thing that he loves above all else are games. Mostly cards or chess.

Others have noticed his fondness of games and always try to play with him. But he tells them to leave him alone so he can focus. The other students get irritated and walk away.

There are some days where he wants to be nice but people are mean to him. He always had bullies and was always picked on for being alone all the time and playing games. Outside of school, he was still the victim. He was yelled at constantly and hit. He always hid in his room to get away from his family. But one of Brian’s biggest problems is his nightmares.

He has them every night and they scare him all the time. But one night while asleep, he had a very realistic nightmare. In the dream, he was on his way to school when he heard screaming coming from an abandoned house, he tried to ignore it until a woman’s body was thrown out the window, in front of him.

He screamed and ran the rest of the way to school. He was horrified by what he saw, he wanted to forget it but he wasn’t able to. When the bell rang, he pulled out his deck of cards when he noticed something was off. He pulled out the cards and saw they were covered in blood. Then when the students walked in, he saw that they had cuts all over their bodies. The strangest part was that on everyone’s chest, there was a card symbol. Everyone had a different one. Some had a Spade while others had a Heart. He could not believe what he was seeing. Then all the students turned and looked at him, but they weren’t. All the students had chess pieces stabbed into their eyes.

Just before he was getting ready to run, they started whispering. They all said, “The Game Master did this, you are him, you are the Game Master.” He wasn’t able to hold it in, he screamed as loud as he could. Then, in an instant, he woke up in his bed. He was shaking, sweating, and even crying. Brian didn’t know what to think. He was sure the dream was real, at least that’s what he thought.

He checked the clock and saw it was 6:30 a.m.. He hurried to get ready for school and ran out the door. He was about halfway when he noticed that he forgot his cards. He didn’t have the time to go back so he forgot about them. He was almost to school until he heard a scream. It sounded just like the one in his nightmare. He was about to walk away until the body was thrown out the window, in front of Brian.

He screamed and ran. He thought over and over that the dream was happening now. Got to school and tried to ignore the body. He was going to sit down until the bell rang early. He was confused but ignored it, until he reached into his pocket and pulled out a bloody deck of cards. He was going to scream but he stopped himself in time. People started walking in and Brian saw that they looked normal, he sighed in relief until he saw something happen.

As soon as everyone sat down, they started to cry out in pain. Cuts started to form on their bodies and card symbols were being carved into the student’s chests. Their eyes were being pushed into their skulls until chess pieces appeared in their eye sockets. The dream was becoming a reality. He screamed and ran to the bathroom.

He didn’t know what to do, he did this. He caused all of the problems. He was the Game Master. Brian started to cry but he started to laugh. He has gone insane. He pulled out the cards and pulled one out. He started to carve a Club and Heart into his cheeks. Then he carved a Spade and a Diamond into his eyes. He laughed at the pain he felt. He then heard the door open. A student that wasn’t a part of the dream. He chuckled and attacked them. He beat the student and them pulled out 2 chess pieces from his bag. He jammed the into the student’s eyes as they screamed in pain.

Brian then pulled a card from his deck and started carving a Spade into the kid’s chest. The student bled out and Brian used the blood to write a message on the wall. He the ran towards the window, opened it, and leaped out, luckily he was on the first floor. He then darted towards the forest and disappeared. When teachers and staff came to investigate, they saw the student’s mutilated body and Brian’s message. It said, “I AM THE GAME MASTER!”