The Following

James was on his phone like usual. He was always gaining followers. One night his favorite follower Christia Lakewood posted a picture for James to look at. He tapped the notification. In the photo was Christina hung from her neck. The bottom of the page had a video. James watched it.

She was talking about makeup when a guy walked up behind her. And tied the rope. James gasped and dropped his phone just as he heard a glass shatter upstairs. He grabbed a bat he had gotten from baseball and went into the kitchen.

A black masked man came into the kitchen, surprises James making him drop the bat and the man swung his knife and slit James’ stomach. His organs were pouring. James was found dead leaving his followers desperate to see another post.

But they never did.

  • Adam Warlock

    It’s like an epidemic of poorly concieved, poorly written and poorly executed stories on here as of late. I may just delete the app and say forget it. They need a better quality and control system here. Some of these on here are so moronic and poorly thought out it borders on cruelty.